Warming embro creams for cycling, a good ally in cold weather

Equipment & Nutrition 22/12/22 12:19 Migue A.

Warming embro creams can help keep your legs warm on cold days. Applying a layer of this cream will improve blood flow to the area, although the warmth it transmits to the legs will only be a sensation. Before buying one, it is a good idea to know what types are available on the market and how to put them on and take them off.

Warming embro cream: spicy warmth sensation

Although they can be a good ally for winter days, it will always be more advisable and effective to use specific tights for really cold days. Although they have gradually replaced warming creams, they are still an option for some cyclists to combat the cold.

By definition, embros are creams or ointments that simulate a sensation of warmth by using an irritant as one of their main components.

This irritant is usually capsaicin, the chemical responsible for making some types of peppers hot. An embro can contain up to 100 times more capsaicin than a jalapeño and about 3 times more than a habanero.

And although the irritant is diluted in the other ingredients of the mixture, the level of spiciness is high. However, each product uses a different concentration of spiciness, so this should be something that anyone interested in these creams should check before purchasing. Another thing to note is that some use CBD.

The embros use a variety of ingredients, including beeswax, grape seed oil, wintergreen, tea tree, cinnamon, peppermint and eucalyptus oils.

Warming embro creams stimulate blood flow in the lower extremities and this, in turn, makes the cyclist feel more comfortable. But it is vital to understand that these creams do not warm the legs, but give the sensation of doing so. For this reason, there is still a risk of injury, frostbite and other ailments caused by the cold and it is still important to warm up before riding.

Oil-based or Water-based

There are different types of embros on the market. Roughly speaking, they can be classified into two: oil-based - which will be greasy - and water-based - which will not be greasy.

Greasy ones will result in shiny legs. These types of creams will create a small waterproof layer that will also attract dirt more easily.

Non-greasy creams can be a good option for those who are not depilated, otherwise the greasy layer will make the cream even more difficult to remove. Whatever type they are, they will protect your legs a little from the wind.

In addition, many of them incorporate essential oils to give the creams a pleasant smell, while some can even give a slight orange tint to the legs.

Applying embro correctly: a key to a good result

Before applying, it is important to know that latex gloves should always be worn. These creams are difficult to remove and will most likely not come off with a simple hand wash. Thus, applying them without gloves will cause the hands to transmit the burning to all parts of the body that they touch, with the risks that this entails for the most sensitive areas.

On the other hand, it is equally important to apply it once the bib shorts are on. Following the same logic, be careful not to confuse the embro with other creams to avoid having a bad time.

For all these reasons, it is advisable not to use the warming embro creams if the legs have been waxed the day before or if the skin is damaged for any other reason.

You will usually notice that the cream starts to work within 20 minutes of applying it. Normally, the cream is very effective, so it is best to start with a small amount, which should be spread over muscles and tendons.

To remove it, before taking a shower, you should remove as much as possible with wipes, as the water will activate the irritant even when you think it has worn off. For this reason, the sensation of the irritant will also increase in the rain.

As you use the embros, your body is likely to get used to the spice and over time you will need a higher concentration of irritant.



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