SCOTT Foil RC Liquid, the very first road bike build by Dangerholm

Road 01/06/23 16:00 Migue A.


Popular mechanic Dangerholm is well known in mountain biking, but this time he surprises us with his first road creation. A stunning SCOTT Foil RC that he has named Liquid for its unique 'special effects' finish. As always, this bike features the best and lightest components with unique details and combinations made in Dangerholm.

Dangerholm makes its road debut with this exhuberant SCOTT Foil RC Liquid

Dangerholm's SCOTT Foil RC Liquid

"Over the years I’ve been riding pretty much everything, from BMX and trials to downhill and racing marathons, but road for some reason just never happened. At long last I got my hands on the new and rather amazing SCOTT Foil RC frame set last year, so in autumn I built a test mule version. Partly to figure out things like riding position and preferences, but also to get the creative process started and figure out how to hopefully build one of the best performing and best looking bikes possible. A steep task to say the least."

All components have been customized and the choice of setup is as sophisticated as it usually is on Dangerholm bikes.

"So I decided that I would try to take the essence of the Foil to the next level, building an aero bike with elegance and performance turned up to 11. To make it a bike that appears as a whole and not as a selection of parts and components simply put together. The goal was that it would in some ways resemble and bring the feeling of looking at a beautiful super car. Things like having matching body panels, small logos, clean tires with no big brand patches and so on - but a bicycle."

"So after fine tuning the spec list and spending countless hours sanding, painting and polishing - the SCOTT Foil Liquid was born."


This special-effect paint is called Liquid Gold, after which the bike is named, and it changes completely depending on the light. It goes from being completely transparent, allowing you to see the black carbon fiber, to becoming shades of green, gold and in some angles even shades of blue. In low light, the bike becomes much more discreet and bright olive tones.
The Coco Designs Spline saddle, handmade in France on a small scale, has been painted to match the rest of the bike. Weighs only 65g
SRAM RED AXS rear derailleur and cassette with oversized Kogel Kolossos Aero pulley cage, all chrome-plated by Dangerholm
Roval CLX 64 carbon wheels, 64mm profile, with CeramicSpeed hubs and Specialized Turbo Cotton 700x26C tyres.
Syncros Creston iC SL Aero handlebars with Liquid finish and Syncros Super Light tape, SRAM RED AXS carbon levers have also been customized to match the rest of the bike.
Trickstuff C22 brakes, one of the most elegant machining on the market
Sturdy Cycles 3D printed titanium crankset (175mm), Sturdy Cycles Aero 50T chainring

SCOTT Foil RC Liquid: full setup and weight

  • Frame: SCOTT Foil RC HMX Size L/56cm
  • Fork: SCOTT Foil HMX
  • Headset: Syncros
  • Spacers/Top cap: Syncros
  • Handlebar: Syncros Creston iC SL Aero 90mm x 400mm
  • Bartape: Syncros Super Light
  • GPS Mount: Syncros iC Aero by K-Edge
  • Saddle 1: Coco Design Spline 3K 130mm
  • Saddle 2: Syncros Belcarra V 1.0 Cut-Out
  • Seat Post 1: Syncros Duncan SL Aero
  • Seat Post 2: Syncros Duncan SL Aero CFT + Campbell 20 Aero Light
  • Crankarms: Sturdy Cycles 3D Printed Titanium 175mm
  • Chainring: Sturdy Cycles Aero 50T
  • Bottom Bracket: Kogel Ceramic Road
  • Pedals: Wahoo Speedplay Nano
  • Chain: SRAM RED
  • Cassette: SRAM Force 10-36T + optional 10-44T
  • Rear Derailleur: SRAM RED AXS XPLR
  • Rear Derailleur Cage: Kogel Kolossos Aero
  • Shifters/Brake Levers: SRAM RED AXS
  • Brake Calipers: Trickstuff C22 Flatmount with Trickstuff Power Pads
  • Brake Discs: Trickstuff Dächle UL 160mm + 140mm
  • Brake Hardware: Trickstuff bolts rear, SRAM titanium front
  • Wheels: Bike Ahead Composites AERO
  • Tyres: Michelin Power Cup Competition Line 25mm + 28mm
  • Tubes: Revoloop Ultra Race
  • Bottle Cages: Syncros Coupe SL
  • Total Weight: 7.11kg/15.67lbs



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SCOTT Foil RC Liquid, el nuevo superdeportivo de Dangerholm con 'efectos especiales'