Iserbyt and Alvarado win the CX World Cup in Troyes

Cyclocross 19/11/23 17:50 Migue A.

Eli Iserbyt takes his first victory of the season at the CX World Cup in Troyes. The Belgian recovered after a bad start and had a great duel for the victory with Van der Haar, who again signed a great performance. In the women's category, Alvarado won the long-awaited return of Pieterse and is a serious candidate for the overall.

Iserbyt wins Troyes ahead of Van der Haar and Nieuwenhuis

Several riders were quick to mark their territory in Troyes. The early stages of the race had more than one protagonist, such as Iserbyt -who had an erratic start-, Vandeputte, Kamp or Kuypers. However, it was Van der Haar who led the race at the end of the first lap. The Dutchman had a small gap on Iserbyt who was forced to recover after a bad start and a flat tyre on the front wheel.

Van der Haar squeezed his quads with an intense pace that led to a chase from behind. Kuypers came up as the first chaser and joined Iserbyt's ambition. The Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal rider upped the pace and left Kuypers and Nys behind, although Kuypers was able to rejoin his wheel shortly after.

Van der Haar's lead was extended. 10 seconds ahead at the start of the fourth lap. Iserbyt kept eye contact and the two fought a long-distance war that showed the technical agility with which they were trying to gain seconds on the clock - apart from a mistake by Iserbyt that cost him some time.

Fifth lap. 7 seconds. Van der Haar changed bikes and Iserbyt rejoined the lead. The Belgian kept moving the pedals insistently until the pressure paid off and he managed to overtake the Dutchman by a few metres.

The kilometres continued to go by and the balance of the race was in the balance, with neither of the two candidates in favour of the other. The race remained open, with chances of victory for both. Iserbyt arrived at the last finish line with a 5-second margin.

Van der Haar turned his efforts and tried to cut the seconds separating him from the first place. Iserbyt did not give in either and retained the top position to reach the finish line and take the victory in the Troyes CX World Cup. The Belgian thus becomes the fourth different winner in four races so far in the World Cup.

Van der Haar had to settle for second place, while Nieuwenhuis beat Kuypers to third.

Results Elite Men - CX World Cup Troyes

  1. Eli Iserbyt 56'35’’
  2. Lars van der Haar +10’’
  3. Joris Nieuwenhuis +1'29"
  4. Gerben Kuypers +1'41"
  5. Ryan Kamp +1'52’’
  6. Laurens Sweek +2'05"
  7. Thibau Nys +2'08"
  8. Toon Vandebosch +2'12"
  9. Niels Vandeputte +2'22"
  10. Timon Ruegg +2'24"

Alvarado beats Pieterse and is in the running for the overall title

Pieterse's return to competition immediately put the young Dutchwoman in the spotlight. Although her form was unknown, all the forecasts placed her as one of the riders called to sign a great race. In front of her, a large group of rivals led by Alvarado ready to spoil her party.

The race started with Bentveld in first position, but followed by Alvarado and Pieterse, who rejected any speculative plans and took on the responsibility that was expected of her from the start. Pieterse tightened up the race from almost the start and Alvarado was the only one able to keep up the pace.

Alvarado overtook Pieterse but could barely enjoy the lead, as the Amersfoort rider returned the move moments later. The race remained evenly matched and as the laps went by, the initial energy was slightly reduced. The mistake came from Alvarado and Pieterse took the opportunity to open up a gap.

Behind, Schreiber led a compact group 40 seconds behind.

Pieterse's solo lead was gradually being reduced by Alvarado, who was closing the gap. Alvarado set a high pace, reached her wheel, overtook her and opened a gap of 6 seconds. The lead grew to 15 seconds as Pieterse was unable to answer.

The outcome was clear before the finish line. With no last minute surprises, Alvarado crossed the finish line to win the Troyes CX World Cup, second of the season and second in a row after Dendermonde. The Dutch rider made the most of Van Empel's two absences and is a clear candidate for the overall.

Pieterse returned to the competition with grit and determination but without the extra point required for a CX World Cup victory. Still, she took a solid second place. Brand was third, 5 seconds ahead of Casasola.

Results Elite Women - CX World Cup Troyes

  1. Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado +49'55’’
  2. Puck Pieterse +21"
  3. Lucinda Brand +44"
  4. Sara Casasola +49"
  5. Inge Van der Heijden +1'05"
  6. Marie Schreiber +1'09"
  7. Annemarie Worst +1'13"
  8. Zoe Backsted 1'24"
  9. Hélene Clauzel +1'33"
  10. Leonie Bentveld +1'33"



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Iserbyt y Alvarado ganan la Copa de Mundo CX de Troyes