The best trick to boost caffeine's effect on your body again

Nutrition 26/10/22 07:10 Migue A.

The importance of caffeine, as well as other compounds that serve to activate certain parts of the body and push it to its limits in high or sudden energy demands, has become a factor to be taken into account. There are tips on how to take caffeine to improve your performance.


What caffeine does to your body

Caffeine is a synonym for better physical and mental performance, because the brain, with its neurotransmitter adenosine, which accumulates in the neurons, reaches a state of feeling sleepy. Caffeine basically blocks these receptors, which means that our neurons continue to work at full speed.


Who hasn't woken up in the morning to go cycling and hasn't had a decent ride until they've had a cup of coffee. This is the reason why.

The problem is that the body develops tolerances and its effects are reduced or disappear completely. But caffeine is not like other addictive products, for which there is no reset. No, caffeine, let's put it simply, can be reset.


Of course, like any addictive food or product, it generates a slight abstinence syndrome that can complicate its disconnection. That's why, as a cyclist, we advise you to do it slowly, to start for a few days and then plan for at least a week before the competition. Why?


Why reset the need for caffeine in cycling?

Yes, you can easily guess: how can caffeine be more effective? By stopping caffeine for a period of time so that our body can lower its tolerance and assimilation. So, if after a few days or a few weeks you start taking caffeine again, the fact that your body is not used to taking it will make it absorb it much better and its effects will be more noticeable.


This little tip, we could say, is what is known as a "caffeine cure" in a multitude of sports, including cycling. Quite simply, what many cyclists do is that the week before a competition or a race, they do without any caffeine intake at all, whether it is coffee or derivatives, especially some food supplements that contain high doses of caffeine precisely to activate the body.


Once that week has passed and the race begins, in the middle or at the end of the race, they take a gel with caffeine in a significant dose, and multiply its boosting effect in this phase. It's a clever weapon, it doesn't involve doping, of course, and it can make a minimal but important difference, especially in the cyclist's sensations before the key moment.



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