Elkano: a very inspiring video to go out on a bike to explore and discover our closest environment

Gravel 03/11/21 19:36 Migue A.

Every episode of this series is a masterpiece. We are used to cycling, gravel or mountain bike videos being full of adrenaline or strong emotions, but with the Pachamama series we have discovered another way to inspire us to ride a bike. Elkano and the first trip around the world serves on this occasion to awaken the desire to explore and discover nearby places on two wheels.

Elkano: the first round-the-world trip as inspiration for our gravel adventures

500 years ago, a Basque sailor from Getaria called Juan Sebastián Elkano wrote one of the most important chapters in history when he ventured into the sea along unknown and unexplored routes and managed to sail around the world for the first time. A cultural, geographical and human milestone that brought new ways of thinking and understanding the world.

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In this new chapter of Pachamama filmed in Getaria, the story of Elkano leads us to the explorer spirit of any bicycle as a means of transport to discover new places and ourselves. 

In a certain way, when we get on our bike, we can feel Elkano for a few moments. On a bicycle, the desire to discover and the feeling of exploration completely take over our being. 

Remember that you can follow the Pachamama series on their Instagram account or watch all the episodes on this YouTube playlist.



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Elkano: un vídeo muy inspirador para salir en bici a explorar y descubrir nuestro entorno más cercano


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Elkano: um vídeo muito inspirador para sair de bicicleta explorar e descobrir os arredores mais próximos