New Orbea Rise Hydro: aluminium comes to e-MTB sensations

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In 2020 Orbea presented its Rise model, a lightweight electric MTB that brings back the riding sensations of a normal trail bike thanks to a paradigm shift, the Rider Synergy philosophy, which now adopts its aluminium version. The new Orbea Rise Hydro comes with a more attractive price, a new, higher capacity battery and an advanced aluminium frame

New Orbea Rise H brings Rider Synergy philosophy to aluminium

If you add weight to an electric mountain bike you may gain autonomy and power, but you lose some of the sensations offered by a muscular bike, which is why Orbea reformulated the equation in the Rise with its Rider Synergy (RS) philosophy. A system that balances power, weight and autonomy to offer the most realistic experience possible. 

The success of lightweight e-MTBs is already more than evident and more and more people prefer more riding quality to a higher capacity battery or a more powerful motor for the same range.

Optimised EP8 RS motor

The new aluminium Orbea Rise bikes feature the same EP8 RS motor as the carbon version. A motor developed exclusively between Orbea and Shimano that has been optimised to offer the most natural and efficient assistance possible, eliminating the drag and delay in power delivery common to conventional ebikes. Maximum assistance is found between 75 and 95 pedal strokes per minute, the most naturally efficient cadence and the range where we normally pedal. The feeling of power delivery is very natural and instantaneous.

More battery

Another key factor in the RS philosophy is autonomy. And in this equation, the brand claims that the Rise's battery lasts 50% longer than a normal eBike, due to lower power consumption, lower bike weight and greater reliance on the legs. In the new aluminium models, the battery grows from 360Wh in the carbon model to 540Wh in a completely new battery.

The new 540Wh battery weighs 2.7 kg and has been completely developed and designed by Orbea. By choosing the best distribution of the 21700 cells, the casing, the wiring and the supports, Orbea has created a battery that is as optimised and light as possible.

The lightest model in its category

To keep the equation valid, Orbea has invested many hours in keeping weight in balance: frame, integrated battery, cable routing and pushvbuttons have all been carefully considered. And motor optimisation through Rider Synergy allowed for lighter trail components that maintain the feel of a mechanical trail MTB.

The frame has the same geometry as the carbon version, and thanks to hydroforming they have achieved the lightest aluminium version by optimising the thicknesses, reinforcing delicate areas and applying a polishing process that smoothes the welds and increases the material's fatigue resistance.

The end result is an aluminium frame weighing 3.4 kg, just 100 g more than an Occam aluminium frame and 2 kg lighter than most aluminium ebikes on the market.

The weight of the new Rise aluminium is an impressive 19kg for the top-of-the-range model and 20kg for the entry-level model.

Autonomy and charging

In addition to the integrated 540Wh battery, Orbea offers a 252Wh external battery (Range Extender) that increases the total capacity to 792Wh on this new aluminium Orbea Rise.

In this table you will find the estimated range according to the assistance mode chosen, the gradient of the terrain and the hours of pedalling. But as you will see, the brand speaks of up to 5 hours and a half of autonomy in an ride with 3500 m of positive vertical drop for the mode of less assistance and only using the integrated battery. With the Extender the autonomy increases to 8 hours and 5000 metres.

Autonomy with the integrated 540Wh battery

Hours 5,5 3,5 2,5
Metres of elevation change 3500 2200 1600

Operating autonomy with integrated battery + Range Extender, total 792Wh

Hours 8
Metres of elevation change 5000

Orbea Rise H aluminium: models and prices

The new Orbea Rise H comes in three models with an aluminium frame, three colours to be selected and a wide range of components to be chosen through the Myo programme, such as the Fox 34 or 36 forks, the most complete Shimano display or the compact Junction EW-EN100, among others.

Orbea Rise H30 - 4.999€

  • Motor: Shimano EP8 RS
  • Fork: Fox 34 Perf
  • Shock: Fox Float DPS Perf
  • Drivetrain: Shimano SLX
  • Brakes: Shimano MT410
  • Wheels: Race Face AR 30C
  • Display: Shimano SC E7000
  • Price: 4.999€ 


Orbea Rise H15 - 5.799€

  • Motor: Shimano EP8 RS
  • Fork: Fox 36 Perf
  • Shock: Fox Float X Perf
  • Drivetrain: Shimano SLX/XT
  • Brakes: Shimano M6100
  • Wheels: Race Face AR 30C
  • Display: Shimano SC E7000
  • Price: 5.799€


Orbea Rise H10 - 6.799€

  • Motor: Shimano EP8 RS
  • Fork: Fox 34 Perf
  • Shock: Fox Float DPS Perf
  • Drivetrain: Shimano SLX
  • Brakes: Shimano MT410
  • Wheels: Race Face AR 30C
  • Display: Shimano SC E7000
  • Price: 6.799€

The new Orbea Rise H will be available from December and you can find further information about them on the Orbea website.



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