Nutrition tips and standards that are respected by professional cyclists

Nutrition 23/04/20 13:00 Migue A.

Nutrition is a science in constant evolution, whose rules are weak, variable and subject to constant change. Professional teams dedicate many resources to stay one step ahead of the rest in this field, aware of the impact that food has on the performance of cyclists. In a world that measures to the last detail, the Sky team (now Ineos) is always at the forefront. These are the rules they respect.


The nutrition rules of Team Ineos 

  • The ABC, the bible of professional nutrition, is made up of only three words: type, time and quantity. What you eat, when you eat, and in what abundance. Mistakes in one of the three measures can ruin everything.
  • More and more nutritionists are discarding dairy products for professional diets. The possibility of substitute their benefits with other foods together with the difficult digestion they entail have led many to opt for soya, almond or oat milk.


  • Agave syrup or agave honey is the favorite sweetener for the nutritionists on the Sky team. Its natural properties and its potency -considerably sweeter than sugar, so you have to use less of it- make it an interesting alternative.


  • Quinoa is known as the gold of the Andes. In the Sky team's nutrition, this grain of amazing properties - it contains twice as much protein as similar ones - has become a regular part of breakfast and dinner.
  • The chia seed is another recent discovery that is increasingly valued in professional nutrition. Rich in omega-3 and protein, it can be successfully mixed into salads, tortillas or yoghurts.
  • Another issue they pay a lot of attention to in the professional field is the type of aminoacid consumed by the cyclist. Branched chain aminoacids (BCAAs) are the ones that our body processes most easily and quickly. They are essentially found in meat and vegetables.

What do you think? Is there an unbreakable rule that you follow? 



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