New Zipp SL80 RACE handlebar, total integration with the new SRAM RED AXS

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Zipp baptizes with the name SL80 RACE the handlebar that has been designed conscientiously to integrate the new SRAM RED AXS group. The wing-shaped top increases the aerodynamics of a piece that weighs 250 grams and breathes competition from all sides. Zipp has also welcomed three Goodyear tires optimized for some of its wheels.

Zipp SL80 RACE: a handlebar conceived to accommodate the new SRAM RED AXS

The development of the new SRAM RED AXS was an open secret. The electronic wireless road group from the American giant had been equipping some top-of-the-range models for over five years. In a changing and dynamic market, five years is enough time for a renewal. Even more so after several recent reports indicated that the arrival of the new group was imminent, such as the recent images where Bora-Hansgrohe mounted an almost final version.

The new SRAM RED AXS is generating the expected excitement and many brands - like Specialized - have rushed to include it in their products. Now it's Zipp's turn - which belongs to the SRAM ecosystem - with a reinvention expressly designed to combine it with the newly released group from the American firm.

The SL 80 RACE is an aero and premium road handlebar designed to seamlessly integrate with the new SRAM RED AXS. The top has a wing shape to give it greater aerodynamic efficiency and a slight downward slope so that the hands do not fall on a flat surface.

Regarding comfort, it also has a protrusion that covers the cable just where the lever is inserted. The brand explains that this small platform fits with the brake lever and becomes an ideal place to rest your hands when placed on the levers to ride.

The SL 80 Race has a thermo-retractable grip that is easy to apply and hides cables and blips, with a non-slip surface for grip. Additionally, it has defined locations to facilitate the placement of SRAM Wireless Blips.

The handlebar comes in five different widths ranging from 36 to 44 centimeters. Zipp has designed a hidden external cable routing for the cable to enter the stem. Furthermore, it has a Reach of 80 mm and a Drop of 125 mm.

Zipp SL80 RACE

  • Material: Carbon
  • Clamp diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Reach: 80 mm
  • Drop: 125 mm
  • Available widths: 36-38-40-42-44 cm
  • Matte black finish
  • Weight: 250 grams (42 cm)
  • Price: 380 euros

On the other hand, Zipp also introduces three new Goodyear tires. First, the Vector Z30 NSW has been optimized based on the 353 NSW and focusing on lightness. The brand highlights the short and smooth folding design of the 150 TPI casing and the R:Shield Braker protection.

The light tread with a textured pattern offers traction, while the Dynamic:UHP compound improves grip, wear resistance, and reduces rolling resistance.

Goodyear Vector Z30 NSW

  • Size: 700x30
  • Type: Tubeless Ready
  • Optimized for: 353 NSW
  • Heel type: Folding
  • Weight: 280 grams
  • Price: 100 euros


The Goodyear Vector Z30 SW and Z35 SW tires have been optimized based on the Zipp 303 family, although this time the focus has been on volume and durability. The short and robust folding design and the 120 TPI casing are some of its main features.

The model also features R:Shield Braker and the Dynamic:UHP compound, as well as other characteristics of the Vector Z30 NSW.

Goodyear Vector Z30 SW and Z35 SW

  • Size: 700x30
  • Type: Tubeless Ready
  • Optimized for: 303 Family
  • Heel type: Folding
  • Weight: 325 grams (Z30 SW) and 365 grams (Z35 SW)
  • Price: 100 euros


Zipp SL 80 RACE and new Goodyear Vector: models and prices

These are the models and prices of the new Zipp handlebar and the new Goodyear tires.

  • Zipp SL 80 RACE: 380 euros
  • Goodyear Vector Z30 NSW: 100 euros
  • Goodyear Vector Z30 SW: 100 euros
  • Goodyear Vector Z35 SW: 100 euros

You can find more information and details about the characteristics and proper use of these components on the Zipp website.



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