New DCR Superbox stem for internal or external cable routing

Bike Equipment 12/12/22 13:00 Migue A.

Integrated bike designs have made it difficult for component manufacturers like Deda, who continue to come up with ingenious components like this Superbox DCR stem designed to fit almost any cabling configuration on the market.

Superbox DCR, the 4-in-1 stem by Deda

Using components other than those specifically created for our bike is not an easy matter with the designs of the current models, which are conceived to achieve harmonious lines of all the elements and to route the cables inside the bike from the lever to the calipers.

However, sometimes the manufacturer does not make the stem or handlebar size that we need or simply want to change, looking for more stiffness or less weight compared to the standard model. Fortunately, some component brands such as the Italian firm Deda continue to manufacture components designed to fit the latest generation of bicycles.

A clear example of this is the new Deda Superbox DCR stem which, through a modular design, seeks to adapt to the different setups that can be found on the bikes available on the market.

At Deda they define the design of this Superbox DCR stem as 4 in 1 as this is the number of options to which it adapts. We start with the completely internal cabling, for this, it has holes for the brake hoses and the wiring of the electronic groups (this configuration is not compatible with mechanical groups) along with the anchorage area with the fork tube that allow the cables to access the steering area.

The second configuration option is semi-integrated, i.e. the cables come out of the inside of the handlebar but do not pass through the inside of the stem, but are routed under the stem by means of a cable guide piece that is perfectly integrated into the line of the stem.

It is also suitable for a semi-integrated system in which the handlebars are conventionally routed but the cables are routed to the frame through the headset. For this purpose, the part that acts as the steering cover is the one with the access holes through which the cables are routed.

And of course, the last alternative is external cable routing, for which, of course, no adaptation is necessary.

This Deda Superbox DCR stem is constructed using 6061 aluminium and is designed with a robust rectangular cross-section that feels solid at first glance. It has an angle of 8.2° and comes in 8 length options: from 70 to 140mm, with a claimed weight of 175g for the 110mm version. It also comes with 1 1/8'' or 1.5'' bearing caps to fit most frames on the market.

The Deda Superbox DCR stem is available now from Deda's own website or authorised retailers and is priced at €118. In addition, Deda offers a bike computer mount, compatible with Garmin, Bryton or Wahoo, which is integrated into the handlebar mount. It is available as an accessory for €39.



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