A new investor arrives at the iconic 3T brand

Road 13/12/22 17:38 Migue A.

3T's path to manufacturing 100% made in Italy bikes and having an exclusive and quality product receives a new boost with the arrival of the UTurn Investments fund to its capital, which guarantees the international expansion and growth of the well-known Italian brand in the coming years.

3T continues its solid progress

If we talk about gravel bikes, it is inevitable to mention 3T, one of the pioneering brands in the development of this type of bike when they created the Exploro, the first competition gravel bike that took into account the influence of aerodynamics, from the head of one of its owners, Gerard Vroomen, one of the most prominent names on the cycling scene and co-founder of Cervélo years ago.

On the other hand, 3T is a traditional brand in the road bike component market. Founded in Turin in 1961, it was one of the benchmarks, especially with regard to its handlebars and stems, which were some of the highest quality components that could be fitted to bikes in the 70s and 80s. The arrival of the carbon era started the decline of the company, as happened with so many other traditional brands until the arrival of René Wiertz and Gérard Vroomen, who rescued the company when they arrived in 2007 and 2015 respectively, transforming it into the bike brand that it is today.

The growth of 3T and its positioning as a top level brand with products that exude exclusivity is a path that the firm has been demonstrating in recent years with products capable of being linked to symbols such as Lamborghini, as we saw a few days ago with the special edition of its star model Exploro RaceMax, which left us speechless.

A path to the top of the big brands that has just received an important boost thanks to the inversion by UTurn Investments. The brand intends to consolidate the migration of its production to its own factory in Italy, which began with the exquisite Torno cranks and from where its current flagship, the Exploro RaceMax, is produced. One of the most famous gravel bikes on the market, designed to be used as a road bike as well.

UTurn Investments is an Italian investment group, which ensures that the roots of the brand remain in Italian hands, although it is paradoxical that its visible heads are still René Wiertz and Gérard Vroomen. In any case, it contrasts with the trend of other Italian firms being acquired by foreign investment funds.

UTurn Investments highlights that 3T's philosophy is in line with its own and stresses that the brand is a faithful representative of the know-how that is embodied in the products manufactured in Italy. They have also made it clear that this is not an opportunistic investment, but a long-term commitment to consolidate the company's growth.

3T currently has a turnover of €20 million, having experienced a growth of over 300% since 2019.



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