Colnago V4Rs: models, prices and new features

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Developed in collaboration with the UAE Team Emirates cyclists, the new Colnago, with which Tadej Pogacar and Juan Ayuso have reached the podium in the Tour de France and La Vuelta a España respectively, has arrived on the market under the name of V4Rs.

Tadej Pogacar's bike is now available for you!

We first became aware of it in late spring when, in the run-up to the Tour de France, Slovenian Tadej Pogacar started riding a bike that Colnago called the Prototype at the time, and even had to reveal some technical details about its development in the wake of the buzz surrounding the brand's new model.

After a successful season in which the Emirati squad has achieved 48 victories, many of them with its cyclists riding this Prototype, the definitive version has finally arrived on the market, which, as could already be guessed, is the evolution of its monocoque model, Colnago's sportiest option called the V4Rs.

As a good race bike, this V4Rs has been developed with aerodynamics in mind, while remaining the all-rounder it has traditionally been. Windage improvements have focused on reducing the frontal area in the head tube area by designing a better integration of the fork lines in its transition to the frame. These aero gains are also supported by the new integrated Colnago CC.01 handlebar, where even the 3D-printed computer mount has been designed to take into account its influence on airflow.

The handlebar has been designed using NACA profiles and is notable for the configuration of its position whose tips adopt a slight flare so that a narrower upper part can be counted on, which places the rider in a more aerodynamic position and, at the same time, maintains sufficient width in the curve to provide sufficient stability and control on descents.

Colnago has also worked to optimise weight in the development of the V4Rs by working on all the component parts as a unit. Frame, fork, headset, handlebars... all have been taken into account when fine-tuning. The result is that they've managed to reduce 47 g compared to the previous model. Not much, but it all adds up.

Needless to say, Colnago has also worked on improving the stiffness of this bike, though not in a raw way but always with ride quality in mind. This is where the UAE Team Emirates riders played an important role, as they were able to use different carbon laminates to give the engineers a feel for what they felt was the best performing design.

These competition tests have also helped to make the V4Rs a robust bike capable of withstanding the demands of racing, while at the same time making the mechanics' work easier by reducing maintenance to a minimum with details such as the use of Ceramic Speed bearings in the headset which, with its SLT lubrication system, virtually eliminates maintenance in this area. The use of a T47 bottom bracket, the most common system on current models, which replaces the proprietary system previously used by Colnago, also contributes to this ease of maintenance.

Tadej Pogacar, one of the riders who has been most involved in the development of the V4Rs, is categorical in his evaluation of the bike: "It's a really light and stiff bike. It's really reactive. For me it's perfect for attacking uphill, when you push the pedals and you feel the bike working really well. This helps me to attack faster. I feel confident and I enjoy it. But it's not all about speed and lightness. It's also about comfort. It's very important not to feel completely destroyed after 6 hours on the bike".

Colnago V4Rs: prices and models

This Colnago V4Rs will initially be available in 5 colors, including those that replicate the design used by UAE Team Emirates, and 7 sizes, from 42 to 57. For the moment, we only know the price of the replica model used by the team and the frame kit.

Colnago V4Rs Team Edition

  • Price: € 15,260 
  • Frame: V4Rs 
  • Groupset: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2. Cranks with power meter
  • Wheels: Enve 3.4
  • Handlebar/stem: Colnago CC0.1
  • Saddle: Prologo

Colnago V4Rs - Frame Kit

  • Price: € 5,250
  • Includes: frame, fork, seatpost, headset, integrated handlebars/stem CC0.1



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