Pidcock and Alvarado reign in the Namur CX World Cup

Cyclocross 17/12/23 18:56 Migue A.

Tom Pidcock makes a comeback to claim victory in the Namur CX World Cup. The British rider overcame a puncture and a combative Ronhaar to secure his first win of the season on the mud. In the women's category, Alvarado once again stepped onto the highest podium after confidently winning a race in which Pieterse was involved in several setbacks.

Tom Pidcock marks his return to the CX World Cup with a victory

The race started with Khun and Kuypers in the lead after a great start, although the spotlight was on Tom Pidcock, who climbed to sixth position in just half a lap. Kuypers' inspiration lasted beyond the first few meters and the Belgian led the race for a while.

Niuwenhuis took the lead as the riders approached the end of the first lap; at which point Kuypers struggled with the chain. The leadership was shared between Niuwenhuis, Van der Haar, and Mason, although Pidcock was soon added to the mix, followed later by Iserbyt.

Despite the good start, several bike problems penalized Pidcock. The British rider lost time and had to rely on a race based on a comeback. 

Ahead, Nieuwenhuis and Ronhaar spurred on and pulled away. Iserbyt took on the role of pursuer until a fall relieved him of this responsibility, which fell on the quadriceps of Pidcock. The Rider performed perfectly on the Belgian track and managed to get close to the two leaders.

The final stretch of the race took its toll on Nieuwenhuis, who gradually sank as the kilometers wore on the Dutchman's legs. Ronhaar stayed in the lead and Pidcock moved into second place after overtaking Nieuwenhuis. 

Ronhaar flawlessly handled the pressure from Pidcock and withstood the attacks that the British rider dealt him from a distance. However, Pidcock managed to reduce the gap to 6 seconds at the start of the fifth lap, while Iserbyt did his homework behind and moved into fourth place.

Pidcock's persistence paid off and the Rider took the lead in the seventh lap. The British rider's greatest effort was this, as once he conquered the first position he began to open a gap that Ronhaar would no longer be able to close.

Pidcock continued pedaling energetically and not even a puncture stopped his hunger for victory. The British rider crossed the finish line first and confirmed the victory in the Namur World Cup. First win of the season in the first race he competes in the competition, after kicking off his personal mud campaign in Herentals alongside Van der Poel. 

Ronhaar crossed second to sign a great performance, while Nieuwenhuis was third.

Elite Men's Results - Namur CX World Cup

  1. Tom Pidcock 59'45"
  2. Pim Ronhaar +15"
  3. Joris Nieuwenhuis +33’’
  4. Eli Iserbyt +52’’
  5. Michael Vantohurenhout +1'02"
  6. Lars Van der Haar +1'08"
  7. Niels Vandeputte +1'30"
  8. Toon Vandebosch +1'38'
  9. Witse Meeussen +1'44"
  10. Ryan Kamp +1'58’’

Alvarado wins against Pieterse and achieves a victory that smells like a championship

The race began under the cold sun of the Walloon city of Namur. Although Van Empel announced her return to the World Cup, several factors - a fall in training, a cold at the beginning of the week and the effort to win yesterday in Herentals - weakened her strength and she decided not to start. Without Van Empel, the victory was up to Alvarado, Pieterse or Brand.

Even so, Schreiber showed one of her good starts and took the lead in the early stages of the race. Pieterse joined her but bad luck knocked on her door when her chain came off. The Dutchwoman acted quickly to lose as little time as possible, although just at that moment Alvarado took the lead and used it to open a gap.

The setback resulted in a gap of 17 seconds between Alvarado and Pieterse, who found herself involved in a comeback she hadn't asked for. The chase began early and, although Pieterse passed several rivals with relative ease, Alvarado maintained the lead.

Pieterse's efforts to catch Alvarado were relentless, but she was unable to reduce the distance separating her from the first position. The race script insisted on putting obstacles in Pieterse's way, who had a problem with one of her shoes and the incident allowed Brand to catch up with her.

In fact, Brand overtook Pieterse and was able to reduce the gap with the lead, although she never posed a real threat to Alvarado. The race entered a truce in which there were few changes; the level was high and the top three rode with plenty of skill and without making mistakes.

Heavy fall of Van Anrooij. Brand opened a small gap with Pieterse in her attempt to reach Alvarado. However, the balance shifted and the leader increased her cushion towards the end of the race. 

In this way, Alvarado rode with determination to the finish line to win the Namur CX World Cup. Third victory in the competition after the successes in Dendermonde and Troyes. The win puts her in a privileged position at the top of the overall standings that allows her to glimpse a horizon that - barring a disaster - will be good.

On the other hand, a Pieterse partially jinxed was second and Brand had to settle for third place.

Elite Women's Results - Namur CX World Cup

  1. Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado 51'57"
  2. Puck Pieterse +17"
  3. Lucinda Brand +19"
  4. Sara Casasola +2'15"
  5. Inge Van der Heijden +2'29"
  6. Marie Schreiber +2'38"
  7. Annemarie Worst +2'46"
  8. Leonie Bentveld +3'01"
  9. Laura Verdonschot +3'25"
  10. Helene Clauzel +3'26"



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