Movistar switches to Gobik and its full kit is now available on the website

Road 02/01/23 14:59 Migue A.

After just one year wearing La Passione garments, Movistar Team changes supplier to trust the Murcian firm Gobik, one of the most popular brands in the Spanish market, which has been making a place in the closets for its quality and excellent customization work that has led many clubs to rely on their garments.

Gobik moves from UAE Team Emirates to Movistar Team

A bright and futuristic design. This is how Movistar Team described the new jerseys that Gobik has prepared for the Navarre team's 2023 season, garments that were presented just after New Year's Eve.

With this sponsorship, Gobik takes a giant step towards becoming the benchmark of Spanish cycling clothing companies, culminating a work they have been doing since the brand was founded in 2010 and that has led them to be a regular supplier of the most important cycling rallies in the calendar and to be the usual choice of many cycling clubs.

Although Gobik has been dressing for the last two years one of the best teams in the world, such as UAE Team Emirates, for a Spanish brand, dressing the reference team of Spanish cycling is an extra point in the visibility of its products that even transcends this sport when it comes to creating brand image.

New design

While keeping the general lines marked by the team's main sponsor, Gobik has prepared a bright and futuristic design, providing its own signs of identity. For this purpose it has resorted to several gradients in shades of blue on the sleeves and collar that add dynamism to the garment, as if the color were tearing as the cyclist gains speed.

Beyond design and visibility, for Gobik this is a tool to further develop its most technical garments. In the words of Alberto García, Gobik CEO, "there is no more demanding test than the one demanded by a Word Tour team, with improvements that we transfer almost immediately to our collection so that any cyclist can enjoy garments tested at the highest level".

Of course, you will all be able to wear the same kit that Movistar Team will use and that Gobik has already made available to you. You will be able to find them on the brand's website and soon in the usual Gobik points of sale, although for the moment you can only buy the short kit, with two models of jersey and bib shorts. The offer is complemented with a long-sleeved mid-season jersey, as well as a cap, gloves and socks as accessories.

We can find the jerseys in Infinity models, which will be priced at 98 € and Odyssey model for 74 €. The bib shorts are available in Matt and Limited models, the latter priced at 95 €. Presumably, specific winter garments and other accessories such as sleeves and leg warmers will be added to this offer.



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Movistar se cambia a Gobik y ya está toda su equipación disponible en la web


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