What it is and what it means to be an Enduro World Series rider

Mountain bike 25/11/21 11:18 Migue A.

They seem to be living in a movie that any mountain bike fan would be willing to star in. But what is it and what does it mean to be an Enduro World Series rider?

Mind & Matter, the life of an enduro athlete

It's not just about training for a few hours or days to go out and give it your all on race weekend. An Enduro World Series rider is part of the development of the product they race. They look for ways to improve the set up of their bike almost every race day, and they have to be able to adapt to the demands of travelling around the world to race.

In this documentary, the Orbea Enduro Team has been filmed throughout the 2021 EWS season, and here we see first-hand how Damien Oton, Vid Persak, Laura Charles, Edgar Carballo, Evan Wall and Gabriel Torralba tackle these and many other faces of top-level competition. Some good and some not so good.



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Qué es y qué implica ser un rider de las Enduro World Series


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