New Mavic Cosmic Ultimate: 1.2 kg per set

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Mavic brings to an end a three-year development process with the presentation of the latest version of its most famous wheel model, which pushes performance to the limit by combining lightness, stiffness and aerodynamics thanks to careful craftsmanship at its Annecy factory.

Mavic looks for the limit in its new Cosmic Ultimate 45 Disc

To speak of Cosmic Ultimate is to speak, for decades, of the flagship model in the catalog of the French company, a pioneer since the late 90s in the manufacture of complete wheels at a time when the usual thing, when changing the wheels of our bike, was to choose good hubs, spokes and rims that were assembled by hand by our trusted mechanic.

Mavic was also the brand in charge of developing the UST tubeless system and popularizing it, first in mountain biking and now in road cycling, where it has practically banished the traditional tubulars from professional bikes.

Its latest great innovation is the renewal of its star model Cosmic Ultimate 45 Disc, the most advanced wheels coming out of its Annecy factory and that manage to combine in the same wheel such different characteristics as weight and aerodynamics.

Only 1,255 g, 575 g at the front and 680 g at the rear are the presentation card of wheels made entirely of carbon and whose manufacture, totally handmade, requires 8 hours of meticulous work to properly place the 71 carbon parts that make up its structure.

The Cosmic Ultimate 45 Disc, as the name implies, features an aerodynamic rim with a 45 mm profile, a perfect height for measurable wind gains without the weight penalty of a higher profile.

In its development, Mavic has pushed its wheel manufacturing technologies to the limit, starting with the use of R2R or Rim to Rim spokes. A system that Mavic had already been using in previous versions of this same model and in which the spokes are made of thin sheets of carbon that, continuously, start on one side of the rim, pass through the hub and are inserted on the opposite side. In this new version, Mavic has worked to increase the strength of its R2R spokes to ensure maximum reliability and perfect centering.

The spokes are bonded to the rim by means of small aluminum inserts that are added to the rim during the molding process. These small inserts provide a more solid bond that ensures reliability over the kilometers as well as the high degree of stiffness demonstrated by the Cosmic Ultimate 45 Disc.

It goes without saying that the rims have a UST tubeless system and that, thanks to the peculiar construction of the spokes, as they do not have spoke holes, they avoid the need to use a sealing rim tape when mounting our tubeless tires.

Special mention should also be made of the hubs, which feature aerodynamic flanks that blend in perfectly with the lines of the rest of the wheel. In the case of the rear, Mavic once again uses its ID360 freewheel system, a ratchet-type hub that has 40 anchor points, which means that it has just 9º of freedom, providing practically instantaneous power transfer when pedaling again.

Such is the build quality of these Cosmic Ultimate 45 Discs that Mavic provides a lifetime warranty as well as a replacement program in case of an accident.

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate 45 Disc

  • Price: 3,900 €
  • Weight: 1,255 g (575 g front, 680 g rear)
  • Rim: 100% carbon fiber with UD carbon outer layer
  • Spokes: 20 UD carbon fiber spokes
  • Hubs: Carbon fiber body, aluminum axle, Center Lock disc anchor
  • Profile: 45 mm
  • Inner width: 19 mm
  • Outer width: 27 mm



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