Lachlan Morton finishes his Tour de France arriving in Paris 5 days ahead of the peloton

Road 13/07/21 12:05 Migue A.

Professional cyclist Lachlan Morton, from the EF Nippo team, started the Tour de France on June 26 like the rest of his teammates. But it was a very unique Tour in that he was prepared to cycle the entire route, including transfers and connections, without assistance. Morton accomplished his goal last night arriving in Paris with 5 days ahead of the official race.

Lachlan Morton on the Champs Elysées. All pictures by Rapha.

Lachlan Morton arrives in Paris 5 days ahead of the official Tour

At the origin of the Tour de France, Henri Desgrange, conceived a race in which at the most only one rider could finish it, and he would be the winner. More than 100 years later, Lachlan Morton launched his Alt Tour de France 2021 with the same spirit.

After covering 5510 km with more than 65,000 meters of elevation gain without assistance, and most of them in flip-flops due to some problems, Morton arrived last night in Paris 5 days before the rest of his companions who will do it next Sunday.

In Paris, Morton was unexpectedly greeted by family members, including his father who had flown to the French capital for the occasion.

The legend of Lachlan Morton only grows bigger with this new adventure he has just completed. He has managed to raise a great expectation among a multitude of fans who did not know that another cycling was possible outside the official competitions.

The whole project had a charitable background and raised more than £350,000 for World Bicycle Relief.



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Lachlan Morton termina su Tour de Francia llegando a París 5 días antes que el pelotón