Garmin introduces the new Tacx Neo Bike Plus, a cutting-edge exercise bike with full adjustability

Road 16/11/22 16:15 Migue A.

The popularisation of indoor training that the pandemic brought has led to the development of ever more advanced turbo trainers. The definitive evolution has been to integrate it all into an exercise bike, the ultimate solution for those who have made the roads of the various virtual worlds their favourite routes.

Take your pain cave to a new level with the Tacx Neo Bike Plus

More and more cyclists are choosing to do a large part of their training sessions via one of the virtual cycling platforms available on the market, thus avoiding the harshness of winter and the lack of light that conditions cycling outings during this time of the year.

For those who make intensive use of these virtual platforms, Garmin launches the Tacx Neo Bike Plus exercise bike which, as you can guess from its name, is the evolution of one of the most advanced turbo trainers on the market into an exercise bike that aims to achieve the most immersive experience in virtual worlds.

Like the Tacx Neo turbo trainer, Garmin's new exercise bike is able to simulate different types of terrain, adjusting resistance accordingly and simulating, for example, the rattling of pedalling on pavement or the inertia when tackling a downhill.

In addition, the configuration of this Tacx Neo Bike Plus allows us to adjust the gears to have the same range of gearing that we use on our road bike.

Of course, this Tacx Neo Bike Plus is fully adjustable so that we can copy to the millimetre and really quickly the position of our usual bike, even adjusting the length of its cranks. At the front of the handlebars there is a small display where you can see the gear ratio and data such as power and cadence. In addition, it has a useful holder where you can place your tablet or the device you use to connect to your favourite indoor cycling app and some essential fans that prevent overheating caused by indoor training.

It also inherits from the Tacx Neo turbo trainer its accurate power meter that guarantees 1% reliability and adds multiple pedalling technique metrics that will be familiar to Garmin computer users, and the ability to simulate gradients of up to 25%, or 2,200W of maximum power. All with the same quiet operation, even more so as there is no transmission noise from a conventional bike, that is the trademark of the Neo turbo trainers.

In addition to its Tacx Trainer application, the Tacx Neo Bike Plus is compatible, thanks to the use of ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart protocols, with the main virtual cycling platforms such as Zwitf or Trainer Road. In any case, we can use this exercise bike without any connection, in which case the resistance will be set by the speed at which we pedal.

With this Tacx Neo Bike Plus, Garmin takes the virtual cycling experience to a new level and although the price will put many people off, if we think of the hours we spend training in places like Watopia, we are sure to be able to amortise the investment in a short time while not subjecting our bike to the stresses that the turbo trainer can put it under, despite the fact that the vast majority of current models are approved for use with cycle trainers.



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