Filippo Colombo and Candice Lill complete the full victories in the Salamina Epic Race #3

Mountain bike 03/03/24 14:27 Migue A.

Filippo Colombo also takes the victory in the third round of the Salamina Epic Race and leaves the Greek island with a loot of 220 points. The Swiss rider starts the season in an unbeatable way after a race where Fini and Foidl accompanied him on the podium. In the women's category, Candice Lill, Kate Courtney, and Greta Seiwald repeated the same podium as in the previous days.

Filippo Colombo crowned king of Salamina: three victories in three races

The three-round battle proposed by Salamina reached its climax this Sunday: the same scenario where the previous two had taken place, although the HC category reserved a bigger prize this time. The Kanika massif closes a frenetic week - U23 and Junior races were also held - where it has witnessed the debut of some of the best riders in the world.

After victories in the first and second races, Sunday's event was a continuation of the dominance of Filippo Colombo who has mastered the Greek course. The Scott-SRAM cyclist made the most of his good form, and the three victories allow him to leave with the best possible feeling. The race once again became a display of equality and up to ten riders - Blums, Dubau, or Azzaro, among others - remained in the leading group until the last lap.

The final moments tilted the balance in favor of the Swiss rider in a display of explosiveness and cunning. His passage through the Greek island earns him a total of 220 points and the feeling of having exceeded expectations.

Thus, Colombo expressed being "super happy" as he got off the bike for having achieved "a lot of points" and stated that "I couldn't have started my season any better."

Behind him, Sebastian Fini managed to secure second place and leave behind a discreet performance in the second round of Salamina, where he finished outside the top ten.

The Austrian Maximilian Foidl also completed his best race in Greek lands and demonstrated the progress he has made during these days: eighteenth on Thursday, seventh on Friday, and a third place on Sunday that allows him to step onto the final podium.

Results Salamina Epic Race #3

  1. Filippo Colombo 1h 20' 38"
  2. Sebastian Fini +4"
  3. Maximilian Foidl +8"
  4. Joshua Dubau +8"
  5. Tomer Zatlsman +12"
  6. Gunnar Holmgren +12"
  7. Andri Frischknecht +13"
  8. Martins Blums +24"
  9. Mathis Azzaro +24"
  10. Maxime Marotte +30"

Candice Lill, Kate Courtney, and Greta Seiwald repeat the same story

The women's race relived what the two previous exams had already anticipated: Candice Lill stood out as the dominant figure in a race where she once again imposed her will. Although several riders maintained a serious candidacy to snatch the victory from her, the South African broke the schemes and rode in a breakaway that dissolved any opposition. Three out of three and 220 points for her.

On the other hand, the podium featured the same protagonists as in the first two races. And it was also in the same order: Kate Courtney in second place and Greta Seiwald in third.

The race had several twists, although the range of possibilities presented ended with the same outcome. Candice Lill leaves Salamina as the clear winner and confirms the great start to the season she already showed almost a month ago in her home country.

Results Salamina Epic Race #3 - Women's

  1. Candice Lill 1h 22'30"
  2. Kate Courtney +46"
  3. Greta Seiwald +52"
  4. Kelsey Urban +2'40"
  5. Yana Belomoina +2'43"
  6. Paula Gorycka +3'14"
  7. Lotte Koopmans +3'19"
  8. Seraina Leugger +3'21"
  9. Malene Degn +3'57"
  10. Noëlle Buri +3'57"



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