What has changed in the Orbea Oiz 2023, we analyse it face to face with its previous version

Mountain bike 19/11/22 08:00 Migue A.

The new Orbea Oiz 2023 has been presented as the fastest XC mountain bike ever developed by the brand, but its aesthetics, with very similar lines to the previous version, can mask all the new features it includes. So here we bring you face to face the Oiz 2023 vs its previous version to see what has changed in this new model.

In this complete article you can consult all the prices and details of an Orbea Oiz that arrives on the market from 2799€ for its entry-level model and that is once again expected to become a best-seller.

Orbea Oiz 2023 vs. Orbea Oiz 2022

As we say, the Oiz 2023 maintains a recognisable silhouette, but the paradigm shift has been great and has led to a multitude of modifications to meet the objective. The paradigm we are talking about is that now it comes with 120 mm front and rear as the only option, and the aim was to provide it with these new capabilities while maintaining its stiffness and lightness.    

On the right the Orbea Oiz 2023, on the left and in midnight blue the previous version. This general view shows a new, more streamlined frame with more direct lines.


There have been a multitude of small improvements spread across the whole set-up as Orbea has managed to develop this new concept, but we could say that geometry and frame design were at the heart of the project.

Orbea Oiz 2023 vs Orbea Oiz 2022
The steering angle goes from 68 or 69º (for 100 and 120mm) on the previous version to 67º on the Oiz 2023 (on the right). A steeper angle that improves downhill capabilities.
The seat tube has become more vertical, now with an angle of 72.5°, the reach has increased from 435 to 450 mm, and the chainstays remain practically the same size, only 2 mm larger. All these changes mean that the riding experience changes a lot from one model to the next.
On the right, the all-new Oiz 2023's new injected carbon fibre linkage. It improves stiffness while integrating much better with the down tube. This picture also shows the frame slimming work to save grams on the scales.
The brake hose and cabling now pass through the inside of the bottom bracket directly into the swingarm, gaining space in the front triangle. The Oiz 2023 (right) also shows the new swingarm shape and the dirt protection now integrated at the junction of the two parts.
orbea oiz 2023
On the left, the previous version with press-fit bottom bracket, on the right the Orbea Oiz 2023 with screw bottom bracket.
Apart from the aesthetics, Orbea's proprietary SIC cabling system has made it possible to manufacture a frame without holes in the head tube, which reduces the weight of the frame by not having to add more carbon in the areas of the openings to reinforce the structure. 
The SIC Sytem "swallows" all the cables through the steering and is an important part of the aesthetic change of the new Oiz 2023. 
The integration work on the previous Oiz (right) was already outstanding, but on the new Oiz 2023 (left) it is a great improvement in quality that has even made it possible to lighten the overall design.
The seat stays and chainstays of the Oiz 2023 (left) have been completely changed with respect to the previous one (right). Their section has been modified to improve stiffness while optimising weight. Orbea claims a 12% gain in stiffness in the area of the chainstays.
The down tube almost completely loses its curvature (on the left the previous model and on the right the Oiz 2023) which leaves more free space in the triangle for water bottles. This image also shows how the verticality of the seat tube has increased.
Orbea Oiz 2023
The new Orbea Oiz 2023

As you can see, the changes seem subtle, but they are by no means minimal. The optimisation and development of the Oiz 2023 place it in an XC of the future and we could say that it represents a definitive change of stage for the model. If the previous version was a transition towards the new XC, this Oiz 2023 has been a leap forward and is at the forefront of the modality.

We'll see if in the next few years the rest of the brands continue to opt for their XC models to only have 120 mm travel, but everything points to this being the case. 



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