Carrying the Christmas tree on a bike is becoming a trend, how to do it?

Urban Cycling 05/12/22 17:37 Migue A.


The Christmas season is full of traditions that can vary greatly from place to place. But today we discover one that is gaining more and more followers and that will delight any cyclist: carrying the Christmas tree by bike all the way home.

In 2014 @modacitylife started carrying the Christmas tree by bike and it has become a tradition for him and his family.

The fashion of carrying the Christmas tree on a bike 

During a long day of browsing social media, we came across some images that awakened our Christmas cycling spirit and triggered our curiosity. Some cyclists were using their bikes to carry the Christmas tree home, and they didn't seem to be isolated cases. No matter the type of bike, they all managed to carry the tree on it and were candidates to be featured on any Christmas card.

@murden made a special delivery of 2 trees in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

After looking into the matter, we found that this is a tradition that has been growing for a few years and is on its way to becoming a tradition. It seems that the movement on social networks started to catch on in central European cities around 2015, and although it has suffered ups and downs (there were some accounts dedicated to collecting all the images that no longer exist) you only have to take a look at the hashtag #treebybike on Instagram to see that it is still active and growing in 2022.

Journalist @willwrite4cake cycling his Christmas tree to his home in Auchmithie, Scotland.

Certainly, this movement seems to have more impact in cities where it is already a tradition to buy a natural tree every year, and above all, the bicycle is an everyday means of transport. 

As we said, it doesn't matter what kind of bike you have because there are many ways to do it. Obviously having a cargobike is the easiest option to carry the tree, but there are people who manage to hook or make homemade trailers to transport the tree. There are also those who use the space in the rear panniers to attach it to the bike, or even the most skilful can simply lean it on the handlebars to carry the tree home.

In any case, if you decide to do so, it seems that the key to success is to choose a tree size according to what you think you are capable of carrying on your bike.

We know it is a difficult tradition to adopt in some countries, but we can't stop dreaming of one day seeing a city full of bicycles loaded with trees in the days before Christmas. If you dare to put it into practice, we can only encourage you to share it with us on our social networks.



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