The Canyon Lux World Cup with which Loana Lecomte put the new RockShox electronics to the test

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France's Loana Lecomte won the last event of the 2023 XCO World Cup in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada, and did so after overcoming all kinds of complications in the race. Her machine was this Canyon LUX World Cup. A model that she herself was testing in its last development phase during 2022 and on which she now rides all the electronic components from SRAM and RockShox, even the ones that have not yet been presented.

Extreme conditions for maximum performance - this is how the Canyon LUX World Cup of Loana Lecomte finished after winning the Mont Sainte Anne XCO 2023 World Cup.

The Canyon LUX World Cup with which Loana Lecomte won the Mont Sainte Anne XCO World Cup 2023 in detail

Even if you don't see it in the broadcasts or videos, the XCO World Cup races are the most demanding test bench for manufacturers to develop and test all kinds of components. A good example of this was the last race at Mont Sainte Anne, where the mud and rain thoroughly tested the performance and function of all the electronic components that Loana Lecomte mounted on her Canyon LUX World Cup. From the SRAM AXS drivetrain or the RockShox Reverb AXS seatpost to the new RockShox Flight Attendant suspension.

In addition to the mechanical challenge of not failing due to mud or water entry, there is also the challenge of not having electronic problems due to humidity. The RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post was one of the first new generation electronic components the brand introduced in 2019, and its performance and durability are beyond question.
SRAM XX SL Eagle Tranmission: Lecomte and the other SRAM bikers pushed SRAM's latest electronic drivetrain to the limit. Its direct-to-frame anchoring system allows the shifting to be more progressive and smoother in tight conditions, something that is also appreciated in tough muddy conditions where features such as durability and smooth operation are squeezed.
The RockShox Flight Attendant XCO shock is part of the electronic ecosystem that the brand has not yet introduced to the market. During the season, the receiver and the battery, despite being exposed to dust, rain or mud, performed as if they were working in a clean environment.
The Flight Attendant electronic fork is the other part of RockShox's XCO-ready electronic suspension. It can also be seen here that although Lecomte fitted a front mudguard, the control unit (located on the right hand side of the crown) is prone to mud build up, something that hampered the 'intelligent' operation of the suspension and allowed the Frenchwoman to take the last win of the year.
Despite the mud and rain the only mechanical mishap Lecomte had was a flat tyre, no electronic components failed even with all the conditions against them.

Full specifications of Loana Lecomte's Canyon Lux World Cup



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La Canyon Lux World Cup con la que Loana Lecomte puso a prueba toda la nueva electrónica de RockShox