Andrey Amador rides a new Cannondale Supersix EVO?

Road 26/12/22 15:20 Migue A.

Professional cyclists continue testing the new equipment offered by the brands. Bikes and components that in most cases are products very close to the final versions that in a few months we will be able to buy in the market. The last one to be caught has been the Costa Rican Andrey Amador, who these days gives his first pedal strokes with his new team's Cannondale.

Will we see a new Cannondale Supersit EVO in 2023? Everything indicates that we will

The fans of the material these days, in which the professional cyclists are mostly concentrated on the Levantine coast preparing the upcoming start of the new season, are constantly analyzing all the posts that the riders make on their social networks.

We can often find in them hints of new products that industry brands make available either to test almost final versions and refine the equipment before its final launch, or to test prototypes as part of the development cycle of that product.

These days we have already seen Mathieu Van der Poel riding a Canyon bike that has all the chances to be the evolution of its Aeroad model. A few days ago we could see several riders using an aerodynamic handlebar on their Specialized Tarmac bikes, which could be the sign of a new version of the renowned bike from the American firm.

Now it's the turn of another of the leading brands in the cycling sector, Cannondale, which seems to be finalizing a new version of its flagship bike: the Supersix EVO. At least that's what can be deduced from a short video posted on Twitter in which Andrey Amador, the new EF Education-EasyPost rider, is seen pedaling on a Cannondale Supersix EVO that is slightly different from the model we know.

The current Cannondale SuperSix EVO was presented in mid-2019. A revolution in the flagship model of the brand, as it abandoned the design that it had maintained for years and that made it the last bike with a classic look of the peloton, to comply with current market trends with an aerodynamic design with low stays, truncated profile tubes and a new cockpit designed in separate pieces but functioning as a single aerodynamic piece, capable of routing the cables inside and with a perfect integration into the lines of the bike.

The bike that can be seen in Andrey Amador's video at first glance looks like a conventional Supersix EVO. You need to get to know the current model in depth and look at the details to see that the front end is different.

This Supersix EVO is apparently more of a climber, with a slimmer front end, reduced head tube depth and a fork head that loses its integration with the frame in favor of a more conventional design. Also the handlebar and stem set, which we can see for a few frames of the video is apparently more stylized.

It is also possible that Cannondale has opted to dispense with the Mavic Speed Release system, which means that one of the fork legs has an opening at the bottom that means that the quick release does not have to be removed completely when replacing a wheel, but only enough to unscrew it. Presumably, for team use, the standard system has been chosen, seeking full compatibility with the neutral race assistance.

Everything seems to indicate that the idea is to seek greater lightness by giving up some of the elements that provide aerodynamic improvements. In any case, the tubes continue to maintain their truncated D-shaped profile throughout the frame, with sections that were already quite slim. Of course, there are no changes at the rear, which continues to maintain the SAVE design in the chainstays and seat stays to improve the filtering of irregularities in the terrain.

It is very likely that this will be the season that we will see changes in the Supersix EVO, because the four years that it will be on the market in 2023 place it at the end of the usual life cycle that bike brands give to their products. In any case, following the tradition of the brands in recent years, it is almost certain that the new model will not be unveiled until the preliminaries of the Tour de France, if there is one.



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