Cake Aik, an eBike with exceptional autonomy and load capacity

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The Swedish brand Cake expands its catalog with the arrival of Aik, its first electric bike. An e-bike with a 100 Nm motor and with the possibility of putting three batteries to have a total of 2250 Wh and a range of 360 kilometers. The Aik weighs 35 kilos and is priced at 6,470 euros.

Cake Aik, an e-bike that focuses on autonomy and load capacity

The Cake Aik is an electric bike ready to resist long and exhausting days riding, which finds in the autonomy and the load capacity its main arguments of purchase.

The 2250 Wh are divided into three 750 Wh batteries. The Swedish firm leaves it up to the user to decide whether to install one, two or all three batteries. The autonomy reaches 360 kilometers if the third option is chosen. All batteries are lockable to prevent theft and one of the extra batteries can be used to charge electronic devices.

The time required to charge the batteries is 3 hours for a full charge and 2 hours for an 80% charge. 

The maximum load allowed is 200 kilos, although it must be taken into account that this also includes the weight of the bike, the batteries and the cyclist himself. This leaves a load of 60 kilos at the rear and 20 kilos at the front.

As is usually the case, the characteristics of the motor are a key element, since this e-bike needs a power unit capable of moving the 35 kg - 30 kg of the Aik and 5.2 kg of the battery - plus the load it carries. That is why Cake has equipped it with a 100 Nm motor and maximum power of 500 W - rated power of 250 W - which also has three riding modes and a walking assistance mode. 

On the other hand, Cake is proud of its Enviolo Extreme CVP automatic gearbox that "delivers incredible torque and pedal assist," according to the brand.

Robustness and strength

The Aik's frame is made of 6061 aluminum and the handlebars of 7050 aluminum, while the fenders and other elements of the chassis are made of plastic. The Swedish manufacturer has decided not to put suspensions, trusting that the 20x3 tyres will be enough to overcome the irregularities of the terrain.

Given its high weight, the Aik is equipped with four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with a diameter of 203 millimeters that offer safe braking.

Comfort, another of the strengths

The Cake Aik also stands out for being an e-bike designed to feel comfortable on it. The brand, together with McKinsey Design, has sought to achieve maximum ergonomics in elements such as the saddle, handlebars and grips.

The handlebar has a length of 750 mm to make riding more comfortable. As for the geometry, it has an offset of 28 mm, a trail of 90 mm and a wheelbase is 1234 mm.

In addition, it comes equipped with a kickstand and some anti-theft parts, such as a battery and bike lock, alarm and GPS tracking, two-wheel security bolts and anti-theft saddle clamp.

Set-up and price

Cake has only presented one set-up for the Aik. Although they can be ordered now, the manufacturer expects to start delivering them from May onwards.

Cake Aik

  • Battery: 750 W (possibility of installing three: 2250 W)
  • Torque: 100 Nm
  • Rated power: 250 W (maximum, 500W)
  • Frame: 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Range: 120 km each battery; 360 km with all three batteries
  • Brakes: Tektro HD-E740
  • Suspension: no suspension
  • Rims: Shining DB-X50 20"
  • Tyres: 20"x3.0"
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Price: 6,470 euros

You can find further information on Cake's website.



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