10 of the best Gravel cycling shoes 2022

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The rise of gravel has led to the development of specific products. Like the gravel cycling shoes that take what has been learned over the years in Mountain Bike shoes and adapt it to specific models for a speciality that requires shoes that provide a performance similar to that of road models, a cleated sole that allows walking with them and a sufficient level of comfort for the long days of gravel with routes that in competition usually exceed 300 km.


Gravel cycling shoes: a booming segment

There is no need to say that gravel has become very popular. The data backs it up and the truth is that it is a very interesting segment. We are seeing the consolidation of a new way of understanding off-road cycling. For our part, what we can do is to synthesize the best that is appearing in gravel, and today it is the turn of the gravel cycling shoes.

Gravel cycling shoes are now specific. Obviously, up to now, mountain bike shoes have been used very often, but manufacturers have been launching specific products for this speciality and the catalogue of gravel shoes is now very extensive.


That's why today we're going to try to put together a list of the top gravel cycling shoes on the market today. Here's our selection.

Top 10 best gravel cycling shoes

Scott Gravel Tuned

Scott's gravel-specific model combines the best of its mountain bike shoes and its road models. It has a lug, which covers its rigid carbon sole, adapted to a gravel use made with sticky rubber and a double BOA adjustment for maximum comfort.

  • Price: 179,90 €
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Sole: Nylon carbon composite sole
  • Closure: BOA® Fit System L6
  • Sizes: 40 to 48
  • Website of the brand: www.scott-sports.com

Shimano RX8

The Japanese brand has revamped its gravel-focused models that emulate its sportier models with a double flap design that hugs the foot thanks to a BOA closure that is reinforced with Velcro support in the lower area. The carbon fibre sole ensures optimal power transfer.

  • Price: 229,29 €
  • Weight: 268 g
  • Sole: Carbon, TPU cleated
  • Closure: BOA Li2 + velcro
  • Sizes: 38 to 48
  • Website of the brand: bike.shimano.com

Bontrager GR2

Trek's components firm has prioritised comfort and aesthetics in its gravel shoe model that has efficient laces for its adjustment that guarantee maximum customisation. The InForm last offers ample room for the feet and the nylon sole has a medium stiffness so that spending long hours in them is not a problem.

  • Price: 154,99 €
  • Weight: 370 g
  • Sole: Nylon
  • Closure: Lacing
  • Sizes: 37 to 47
  • Website of the brand: www.trekbikes.com

Fi’zi:k Vento Ferox Carbon

Maximum stability, durability and power transfer are the characteristics of the Italian brand's flagship shoe for off-road disciplines. The characteristic elastic closure with Velcro fastening allows the shoe to fit snugly around the foot. Adjustment is supported by a BOA that takes care of the work on the lower part. The tread covering the sole is minimal, making clear the sporty orientation of these shoes.

  • Price: 299 €
  • Weight: 297 g
  • Sole: Carbon
  • Closure: Elastic Velcro strap and BOA Li2
  • Sizes: 36 to 47
  • Website of the brand: www.fizik.com

Decathlon Rockrider MTB/Gravel Race 900

Once again, Decathlon proves that performance and price do not have to be incompatible. These shoes have an attractive design and are supported by a cable fastener specifically developed by the French firm. Add high-end details such as abrasion-resistant reinforcements in the heel and toe areas to extend their lifespan.

  • Price: 89,99 €
  • Weight: 340 g
  • Sole: Polyamide and fibreglass
  • Closure: Habu Fit System
  • Sizes: 41 to 47
  • Website of the brand: www.decathlon.es

Sidi MTB Gravel

All the technology of the Italian brand such as its exclusive Tecno 3 closures or the reinforcements that keep the heel in place come together in a gravel shoe designed to last. Something that is evident in the rubber toe cap or the polyurethane inserts on the sides that will make these Sidi shoes accompany us for many kilometres.

  • Price: 179 €
  • Weight: 400 g
  • Sole: nylon and carbon fibre
  • Closure: Tecno 3 System
  • Sizes: 38 to 48
  • Website of the brand: www.sidi.com

Bont Vaypor G

The thermo-mouldable shell is the hallmark of the Bont shoes that manage to adapt to our foot like a glove. A feature that also includes its gravel model in a shoe designed for maximum performance. Its double flap structure fits the foot through the use of two BOA closures. The rubber cleats of the sole are screwed to the sole, and can be replaced when they are excessively worn.

  • Price: 425 €
  • Weight: 310 g
  • Sole: thermoformable carbon
  • Closure: BOA Li2
  • Sizes: 36 to 47
  • Website of the brand: bontcycling.com


Looking for the maximum comfort and breathability, DMT bets for the knit fabric for the covering of its shoes that also choose the less habitual laces, trusting in the personalization that provides its adjustment and the lightness that they contribute. The construction of its sole, completely made of rubber with a nylon base in the cleat area, manufactured by Michelin, and which prioritises comfort and easy walking over the stiffness typical of more sporty soles.

  • Price: 179 €
  • Weight: 307 g
  • Sole: Nylon and rubber
  • Closure: Lacing
  • Sizes: 37 to 46
  • Website of the brand: www.dmtcycling.com

Specialized Gravel S-Works Recon Lace

The Morgan Hill brand applies its Body Geometry technology, which includes varus correction in the sole or metatarsal support that gives more stability to the foot also in its flagship model for gravel that is presented as a high-performance shoe thanks to the great transfer of force of its carbon Fact sole.

  • Price: 350 €
  • Weight: 312 g
  • Suela: Carbon
  • Closure: Lacing
  • Sizes: 39 to 49
  • Website of the brand: www.specialized.com

Northwave Rebel 3

Double flap construction that Northwave calls BioMap and a double cable closure with its exclusive SLW3 dials give these Rebel 3 a millimetric fit that together with the great stiffness of the carbon sole does not present a purely sporty model in which performance comes first. However, it does not renounce to include TPU inserts in the heel and toe to improve durability, protecting these areas from any possible friction.

  • Price: 209,99 €
  • Weight: 317 g
  • Sole: Carbon
  • Closure: SLW3
  • Sizes: 37 to 48
  • Website of the brand: www.northwave.com



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