VanMoof unveils its first hyperbike: full-suspension and two-wheel drive

Urban Cycling 14/10/21 17:55 Migue A.

The Dutch brand Vanmoof yesterday presented the first hyperbike in its catalogue. Called Vanmoof V, it is an urban electric bike that reaches 50 km/h in assistance and aims to be the alternative to cars and motorbikes on longer intercity journeys.

Vanmoof V, the brand's first hyperbike

European regulations recognise as electric bicycles those that do not exceed 25 km/h with their assistance and therefore give them the same treatment as a normal bicycle and it is not necessary to have insurance or to register them. Those models that exceed this speed as standard or that have the possibility of being de-limited by the manufacturer are beginning to be known as hyperbikes.

The VanMoof V is the brand's first high-speed electric bike and comes as a cycling alternative to compete with the car on long journeys. They include an integrated speed adjustment to suit country regulations, and the brand claims the VanMoof V will be capable of speeds of up to 50 km/h.

New features for an eBike

The brand claims that the VanMoof V has been designed to keep the simplicity of a normal bike but add power and speed. It features two-wheel drive, full suspension, balloon tyres and a redesigned frame based on the iconic original Vanmoof for comfort and stability on longer rides.

With new dual motors, this hyperbike offers more powerful acceleration and intelligent control that adapts and enhances traction for added safety. The VanMoof V includes VanMoof-exclusive technologies such as Turbo Boost, Kick Lock for keyless locking, automatic gear shifting and anti-theft.

Vanmoof V: price and availability

The first units of the Vanmoof V will arrive on the market at the end of 2022 and are priced at €3498, £3498 or $3498. First reservations can already be made here for only €20.

Cycling industry is divided over hyperbikes

As we saw a few days ago, CONEBI does not seem to be in favour of electric bicycles exceeding the current speed limits (legally or illegally) imposed by the authorities, as it foresees that this would lead to a harsher regulation of all types of bicycles and would result in a discouragement to buy and use bicycles.

But on the other hand, there are powerful market players, such as BMW or in this case Vanmoof, who do advocate a type of electric bicycle that is faster and can compete on better terms with cars and motorbikes.

In any case, cycling seems to be in a unique period of expansion following the emergence of the automobile, and the coming years will see changes that will eventually affect all cyclists.



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