Van Rysel bought and tested 18 World Tour bicycles to develop its RCR Pro

Road 22/05/24 07:35 Migue A.

Decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale cyclist Larry Warbasse, reveals interesting details about the development of the new Van Rysel RCR Pro that the French squad uses from this season with the entry into the sponsorship by Decathlon in a bid to bring prestige to their bicycles and accessories. So far, its development has not had to envy that of more reputable brands.

Decathlon bets big on its Van Rysel RCR Pro

The Van Rysel RCR Pro that Decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale has started to use this season after the arrival of the French sports giant to its sponsorship continues to make headlines. A few days ago, Larry Warbasse, American cyclist of Decathlon AG2R and active participant in the development of the Van Rysel RCR Pro revealed in a podcast interesting details about the process of making this bike.

Warbasse related that the development of the Van Rysel RCR Pro began three years ago with good financial support from Decathlon, to the point that they allowed themselves to acquire a unit of each of the 18 bikes from the different World Tour teams, actually some less as some brands supply several teams, to be able to analyze them in detail and learn from the strengths and weaknesses of each one in order to apply these lessons to the development of the Van Rysel RCR Pro.

Among the objectives when building the Van Rysel RCR Pro was to achieve a weight at the limit set by the UCI and, at the same time, be among the five fastest bikes in the peloton, which directly alludes to the aerodynamics of the bike.

Up to 19 prototypes have needed to be created and tested by the brand before arriving at the definitive design of this Van Rysel RCR Pro that is already rolling in the best races in the world and is at your disposal in the Decathlon store network. A bike "versatile, not just a purely aerodynamic bike. A kind of all-terrain" in the words of Larry Warbasse.

The American cyclist also talked about the bike's equipment, also important in its performance. Regarding the components, the team has decided not to have exclusive agreements and thus be able to review these sponsorships year after year to be able to choose the best material available each season.



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