"We only see things like this in car accidents," Van Aert successfully operated on, but could have long recovery time

Road 28/03/24 23:04 Migue A.

As expected, Wout van Aert has been successfully operated on his collarbone this Thursday in less than 24 hours since his accident in Dwars door Vlaanderen. But his recovery time could be longer than expected due to the fractures suffered in his sternum and ribs.

Wout van Aert has been successfully operated on, but he could miss the Giro d'Italia

We remember that Van Aert's accident occurred in a high-speed section when he was in a good position to win Dwars door Vlaanderen, but his fall completely knocked him out and his heartbreaking screams did not bode well.

Already in the hospital, it was confirmed that the Belgian had a broken collarbone, a crack in the sternum, and three fractured ribs. And a few hours later, early on Thursday, his team announced that he had been successfully operated on and was starting his recovery.

During this period, Van Aert has already had to cancel his upcoming races, Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, and has left his participation in the Giro d'Italia uncertain. Something that sports doctor Kris Vandermieren, in statements to Sporza, has categorically ruled out.

Vandermieren has been very clear in explaining that the most complicated and dangerous part will be his recovery from the sternum and ribs, as if he were to suffer a new fall with them damaged, it could have much more serious consequences.

"He has suffered multiple traumas... We only see things like this in serious traffic accidents." "And then we only know the damage on the surface. In an accident at 80 or 90 km/h, the inside can also be very damaged. In future check-ups, they will see if he has more damage." Kris Vandermieren said.

"A crack in the sternum heals on its own, but it takes time... it can even take months." "If he were to have a new fall (without being fully recovered), those broken ribs can cut through the lung membrane like a razor blade and cause a puncture in the lung." Therefore, the doctor dares to predict that his return to competition will not happen in the Giro and it is more likely to happen towards the end of July, possibly for the Paris Olympics.



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