The UCI imposes a fine of 20,000 Swiss francs on Lefevere for derogatory comments towards women

Road 14/03/24 16:50 Migue A.

"This is as far as we have come," is the message that the UCI has conveyed to Patrick Lefevere for his usual outbursts in the column that the veteran Belgian director writes in a Belgian newspaper. A fine of 20,000 Swiss francs from which he can be exempted by offering public apologies and not repeating that attitude.

UCI puts Patrick Lefevere in his place

That every time Patrick Lefevere speaks, things escalate is something that no one can be surprised by at this point. The veteran Belgian director maintains a column in a well-known newspaper in that country where it is common for him to spare no one. However, the opinions expressed on several occasions towards women's cycling seem to have crossed the line.

The UCI has just issued a statement sanctioning Patrick Lefevere with a fine of 20,000 Swiss francs for violating articles 5 and 6.1 of the ethical code of the highest cycling body. The first refers to the general behavior of all those affected by the ethical code and the second, more specific, refers to discrimination and offenses to human dignity based on race, religion, sex, etc.

Although the UCI does not specify the specific reason for the sanction, everything points to it being related to the statements he has made on several occasions towards women's cycling, such as saying that women's cycling was artificially enhanced and that the minimum salary in the women's WorldTour was not justified: "there are cyclists who are not worth that amount, you don't pay 60,000 euros for a cyclist who can't even keep up with the peloton," Lefevere commented approximately a year ago.

Even more recent are the harsh criticisms towards his cyclist Julian Alaphilippe in which Patrick Lefevere cited one of the main reasons for the French cyclist's poor performance as his partner, former professional cyclist Marion Rousse. Words that received a strong response from Marion.

The UCI's sanction will be suspended if Patrick Lefevere makes a public apology and does not commit another violation of the Ethical Code during the next three years.



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