The UCI puts a criminal investigator in charge of mechanical anti-doping

Road 10/04/24 15:51 Migue A.

Fighting against Technological Fraud is the name of the UCI body responsible for monitoring and preventing mechanical doping, a department that, starting from May 1, will have a new director in the figure of the American Nicholas Raudenski who has 23 years of experience as a criminal investigator.

UCI redoubles its efforts in the search for hidden motors in bicycles

Although there have been no cases of hidden motors in bicycles, beyond that of the Belgian cyclocross cyclist who was caught at the world championships in 2016, and despite the UCI's constant checks on the bikes of the peloton during competitions, the cycling's governing body continues to insist on the importance of monitoring technological doping and not leaving any room for those who try to cheat with this method.

To reinforce this work, the UCI has appointed the American Nicholas Raudenski to lead the Fight against Technological Fraud, who, until now, was part of the International Testing Agency, an independent body responsible for the UCI's anti-doping operations, serving as Chief of Intelligence and Investigations. Previously, Nicholas Raudenski was a criminal investigator for 23 years in the U.S. national security department.

Raudenski's mission at the helm of the Fight against Technological Fraud will be to strengthen the UCI's program against mechanical doping, optimizing available resources and devising new detection methods, as well as, of course, investigating all accusations and reports that come to them regarding this type of cheating.

UCI President David Lappartient highlighted Nicholas Raudenski's experience in research and intelligence tasks: "It will be a great advantage to ensure the highest ethical standards and for everyone to understand that in cycling there is no fraudulent use of motors or any other activity that violates UCI rules."

For his part, Nicholas Raudenski commented after learning of his appointment, "I am delighted to join the UCI and contribute to the fight against technological fraud. I hope to leverage my knowledge and experience to support one of the UCI's main missions: ensuring the integrity of cycling."

In Nicholas Raudenski's work, the UCI SpeakUp platform will be of vital importance, a secure platform available to any member of the cycling world: riders, organizers, and everyone involved in this sport through which they can confidentially share any information or suspicion about actions that threaten the integrity of cycling.



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