Tritao Aveiro 3D Ti: a titanium gravel bike with history and made in Portugal

Gravel 18/03/24 19:55 Migue A.

Portugal continues to take steps to become a reference country in the manufacturing of bikes, in fact there are already those who are beginning to consider it as the Taiwan of Europe due to the enormous growth of its cycling industry. And they not only manufacture for others but there are already brands that have decided to establish themselves in Portuguese lands like the former Russian Triton Bikes.

Titanium, 3D printing, and exquisite craftsmanship in this Tritao Aveiro coming from Portugal

Curious story of Tritao Bikes, formerly Triton Bikes, a brand of bicycles of Russian origin that, after the invasion of Ukraine, decided to move their headquarters. And the chosen place to establish themselves has been Portugal, a country that has been boosting its cycling industry in recent years and where more and more brands find someone to make their bikes without having to look for them in the Far East.

However, the fact that there are brands that directly decide to establish themselves in Portugal represents a leap in quality for the cycling industry of this country. With their move to Portuguese lands, Triton Bikes has also changed their name, actually the same one they had but written in Portuguese: Tritao Bikes.

Their presentation card is the Aveiro 3D Ti, a gravel bike of exquisite craftsmanship in which 3Al 2.5V titanium is used for its tubes while the rear dropouts have an exclusive manufacturing method using 3D printing, in this case, using 6Al 4V titanium. By the way, the name Aveiro that this bike adopts is that of the Portuguese region south of Oporto where the cycling industry of this country is concentrated and where the Russian brand was welcomed.

Returning to the bike, it is worth mentioning that the 3D dropouts of this Aveiro comply with the SRAM UDH standard, being compatible with the new SRAM T-Type mountain bike derailleurs, which reveals the orientation of this gravel bike towards the wildest version of this modality, something that is also evident in the huge wheel clearances, capable of accommodating tires up to 700x58 or, if using mountain bike wheels and tires, 29x2.25.

A bike that, despite the exclusivity of its material, has a competitive price of €2,500 if we purchase the frame alone and from €4,900 in its most basic configuration equipped with SRAM Rival AXS XPLR.



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