High mountain biking in the Pyrenees, the latest Trail Tales video is a must-see!

Mountain bike 22 dic. 2021 16:12 Migue A.

With the depopulation of rural areas, the networks of footpaths that were used to connect different villages are also disappearing. Sometimes these routes climbed to the top of the mountains in search of hills that opened the door to a new world. In the Pyrenees these trails are now being recovered by pedalling.

Trail Tales: The Call of the High Ways

The Pyrenees trace ancestral paths through their foothills; a network of trails carefully laid out by past generations to sustain a way of life that, sadly, has disappeared with the passing of time. As the rural population moved to urban areas, many ancient trails lost their original purpose, and when a trail loses its raison d'être, it eventually disappears. This is how this story begins, in which a network of disused elevated routes were waiting for a new purpose.

Orbea's Trail Tales series is one of the great discoveries of this year, one of those that unites mountain biking with history and after getting caught up in chapter after chapter you just want to get on your bike to go out and enjoy and discover new trails. You can watch the whole series here and follow Trail Tales on their Instagram account here.


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