We test the new Scott Foil RC Ultimate 2023

Road 29/06/22 16:10 Migue A.

During the presentation to which Scott invited the main European media, we were able to test in depth the performance of this Foil RC 2023 on the roads around Lago d'Iseo in Italy.

Photo: Markus Greber

Scott's speed queen has a name: Foil RC 2023

In addition to revealing all the secrets of the bike's aerodynamic design and the intense development process carried out during the last three years to create this new Scott Foil RC, we also had the opportunity to ride it during the three days we spent in Italy.

Lago d'Iseo is located in a pre-alpine area straddling the Franciacorta wine plains and the mountains surrounding the lake along its western shore, which gave us a wide variety of terrain on which to squeeze this Foil RC. 

Initial contact

The first day was just 40 kilometers of a flat and predominantly urban layout where changes of pace, traffic circles, asphalt in terrible condition and turns challenged the handling of this Foil which, with some small adaptations dictated by aerodynamics, has practically the same geometry as the Addict RC climber.

Back at the hotel, we were surprised to see on the computer the average speed we had obtained with a bike to which we adapted from the first pedal stroke as if it were our own machine. The most remarkable feature in this first contact was the enormous ease at the time of acceleration and that allowed us to maintain the type with some dignity when the thing accelerated.

At full speed

The second day was divided into two parts, a first 50-kilometer ride through the Franciacorta wine region, also in the vicinity of Lake Iseo. This route, also with a lot of semi-urban terrain, included a couple of steep climbs that the Scott Foil RC coped with solvency at a steady and high pace. Again we were amazed by the agility of riding in some twisty areas with constant changes of direction from left to right.

Photo: Markus Greber

We completed the trip by extending the route up to a major climb where the Scott Foil RC went out of its comfort zone, losing some of the magic that had impressed us so far as it slowed down.

In the afternoon, the Scott staff took us and the bikes to the speed track of the Porsche Experience Center of Franciacorta near Brescia, where we could ride for another couple of hours on a perfect asphalt, without traffic and enjoying the sensations of speed that the Foil RC gave us when the cyclocomputer read more than 40 km/h.

Toward the mountains

The last day, free route, we decided to look for the tickle to this bike. A climb of 16 km and 900 m of elevation gain, with a fairly constant first part between 6 and 8% and some 3 inhuman final kilometers with ramps maintained at 14% served to corroborate that this Foil RC is not a climbing bike, nor does it pretend to be.

As long as we can maintain a happy speed, the bike climbs with ease, preferring a steady pace while we remain seated in the saddle. However, when it's time to stand up and the ramps make the speed drop, even though all the force we apply is transferred to the rear wheel due to its great stiffness, we are the ones who have to do more than our part. Mention that the assembly used was the Ultimate version with a weight, without pedals of 7.22 kg.

We also used this route to get the most out of its handling on the downhill on a road that started narrow and bumpy and that in the final part of the descent had an exquisite asphalt. In any case, the Foil RC proved to be a very easy bike to handle with which, once the line was chosen, it was unnecessary to correct during the same.

Nor does its stiffness affect the ride in the worst sections, thanks in large part to the good level of absorption achieved where the combination of 28 rear and 25 front tires seemed to us a success when it comes to having a balanced grip to compensate for the greater ball of the rear the higher weight that always falls on this axis by the positioning of the rider.

The conclusion we take home is that this Scott Foil RC is a tremendously stiff bike in which Scott has prioritized the transfer of force, aerodynamics aside, so it is very easy to ride fast with it. However, it will not be the most suitable model for those who live in areas with many ports where the average speed of the outputs will never be so high as to take full advantage of their skills against the wind.



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