Surly Corner handlebar: you can mount it on your MTB without changing components

Bike components 19/07/21 19:09 Migue A.

Surly is synonymous with originality. Now, your Surly Corner handlebar can be mounted on your MTB without the need to alter anything else or change any other parts. If you were looking to mount a drop handlebar on your mountain bike but your budget didn't allow you to change every single part, pay attention.


Surly Corner: a drop handlebar for mountain bikes

There are many types of handlebars, but there is only one Surly. Just by looking at it, you know it's a Surly because of its design, its boldness and its own line and design strategy. Now, in addition, they make it versatile, because from today you can mount the Surly Corner on your mountain bike without having to change anything else. It's not magic, it's Surly, and those who know the brand will certainly not be surprised.


Put like that it may sound very simple. But anyone who has tried to mount a handlebar with some drop on a mountain bike frame knows what we mean. Of course, if your intention is to make a more versatile bike, especially for marathon riding, bikepacking or similar, adding a drop handlebar can be more than interesting. But doing so means changing a lot more things: at the very least, the stem and the additions to the handlebars, i.e. levers. Shift and brake levers.


The Surly Corner has managed to change this idea that we took for granted and that it meant a greater outlay than the handlebars alone. And how has Surly done it? Well, by designing a handlebar with certain "corners" as its name suggests. Some additions, some extensions, that have the little more than 22 centimetres of a mountain bike handlebar.


Price and availability of the Surly Corner

Simply put, it's easy to explain but a bit more complicated to imagine. Therefore, it is best to take a look at the following pictures of Surly Corner to get a better understanding of its design.


What Surly has basically done is not to keep the same width in all parts of the Surly Corner handlebar, but to alter that width only in the parts where you would attach your MTB components, i.e. derailleurs and brake levers. In these parts, which include a small extension of the two side drop bars, the typical mountain bike width is retained and the problem is solved. It's called killing two birds with one stone.


The Surly Corner handlebar is manufactured in three widths: 46, 50 and 54 centimetres, you must consider that these are measurements for the main horizontal bar, without the two wings or drops, as considering these we go to between 63 and 71 centimetres.


The Surly Corner is made of chromed steel and will go on sale at the end of the summer for around 85 euros. In other words, for that price, you can mount an original handlebar with a drop on your mountain bike, without additions or extra costs and taking advantage of all the material you already have. Undoubtedly, the new Surly Corner handlebar is undeniably innovative.



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