Strava adds "Recent Photos" to check the current state of any route

Road 17/02/23 14:00 Migue A.

The latest feature Strava has added to its platform is called "Recent Photos" and what it does is as simple as it is useful: it uses the latest photos uploaded by users to add them to routes and provide current and visual information in the plannings.

Strava's "Recent Photos" are an important source of information

Planning a route or doing a route that we already know can have serious complications if we do not know the current conditions of the area. For example, a known route may be inaccessible if the previous week there was a snowfall or a landslide due to rain.

To mitigate this lack of prior information, Strava has launched its "Recent Photos" feature, in which it makes its bank of 2.3 million photos available to users so that they can be filtered by date.

This feature is under development and Strava claims that its algorithm will be able to filter out irrelevant photos in the future. But for now users will be able to see all current photos of a section when planning their routes.

"Recent Photos" will currently only be available to subscribers and on the mobile app, while free users will be able to view them on saved routes or routes sent to them by subscribers.

Users who do not want their photos to be included and displayed in this new feature will be able to configure it in their privacy settings.



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