Strava asks cyclists to be cautious after the fatal run-over of a pedestrian in a well-known segment

Road 15/05/24 10:03 Migue A.

It had to happen eventually. A few days ago, in the well-known section of Regent's Park, in the center of London, an elderly woman was fatally hit by one of the cycling groups that regularly train in that green space. A section that has a Strava segment all around the park where cyclists usually pedal at speeds around 45 km/h.

Strava segments under scrutiny again after a pedestrian is hit in London

The reckless behavior that many engage in to achieve a KOM on a popular Strava segment is nothing new, even putting their safety at risk as it happens in some downhill sections. This safety also affects others as it happened a few days ago in Regent's Park in London, one of the city's central parks that is used by many for their daily workouts, attracting large groups that ride at high speeds on a completely flat route.

An elderly woman walking her dog was fatally hit by one of these groups. To make matters worse, days later another pedestrian was also seriously injured, suffering multiple fractures in a section where the city of London limits the speed to 20 miles per hour, a speed that is widely exceeded by the groups that, in such favorable terrain, are capable of going much faster and often have the incentive to achieve the best time on the park's loop segment.

Strava has once again called for responsibility from its users while reminding that anyone can mark a section as dangerous, which immediately deactivates the time tables and rankings for that segment. On the other hand, London authorities are considering measures to prevent these incidents such as contacting local clubs to remind them of the speed limit in the park and the pedestrian priority that applies there, or improving signage and pedestrian crossings.

This problem not only affects the British capital but is common in other cities around the world. For example, in Madrid, it is common for many cyclists to train in green spaces like Casa de Campo or Madrid Río, where they share the space with runners and pedestrians who simply pass through, in an infrastructure that, while allowing bicycle circulation, is not designed for sports cycling but rather for leisurely biking. In fact, in the Spanish capital, a speed limit of 10 km/h is established in these shared sections, which obviously no cyclist complies with.

In any case, this rekindles the debate of placing bikes, a vehicle according to the laws of most countries, in pedestrian spaces in a perpetuation of the law of the jungle, that is, cyclists who complain that they cannot ride on the road because cars are the owners and masters, and in turn, they become the kings of spaces reserved for pedestrians, remember, the weakest part of urban traffic that often end up confined to the crumbs of space.

The law of the jungle continues to be perpetuated by municipalities around the world that adhere to the traditional mantra that bikes and cars cannot coexist, refusing to establish calming measures that make this coexistence possible between cyclists and motorized vehicles. On the other hand, in extensive cities like London, the sports cyclist has no other option but to use these green lungs due to the impossibility of daily cycling out of the city for their workouts.

Once again, individual responsibility and common sense that Strava demands should prevail, but when this does not happen, as is the case of those who turn these parks into their own racing circuit, it is only a matter of time before prohibitions arrive and with them, regrets. Therefore, let's be responsible on the bike before they prevent us from riding, as a reminder, the bike is a vehicle and, as such, must comply with current traffic laws.



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