There is no official statement, but Stages Cycling may have ceased its activity

Bike Equipment 24/04/24 16:54 Migue A.

The well-known power meter brand seems to be the latest victim of the bicycle sector crisis, and company sources indicate that Stages Cycling would have laid off all its staff as a preliminary step to the termination of its activity.

Stages Cycling, on the brink of bankruptcy, lays off all its staff

New shock in the cycling world after learning that Stages, one of the brands that helped popularize the use of power meters, apparently has ceased its activity after, as close sources report, laying off all its staff last week. A situation in which Stages reaches this point affected by the crisis affecting the bicycle sector and exacerbating everything the brand suffered during the pandemic.

Stages Cycling began its journey hand in hand with Foundation Fitness, a distributor of gym equipment, and revolutionized the world of power meters with a single-leg measurement device that was incorporated on a standard Shimano crank, making this training tool much more affordable. In addition, the collaboration agreement with Team Sky, which used their power meters, pushed the brand forward around 2012.

Following its gym roots, Stages built an indoor bike that leveraged power measurement technology and became a significant source of income for the company. However, since their meters were closely linked to Shimano cranks, the brand suffered a severe impact during the pandemic associated with supply chain issues that affected the Japanese giant. On the other hand, the importance of their indoor bike in the company's revenue also led to a decline in sales during the pandemic due to gym closures. Between one thing and another, they left the company severely affected.

It seemed that the situation could be overcome after reaching an agreement in 2023 with Giant, in which the bike brand acquired 32.5% of Stages. However, the sale was not finalized, leading to the point where we are now, where Stages seems headed for bankruptcy. In any case, there is still no official confirmation from Stages.



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