SRAM has opened a TIME pedal factory in Portugal

Bike components 03/08/21 20:09 Migue A.

Earlier this year we knew that SRAM had acquired the TIME brand of pedals, which until then belonged to the Rossignol group, and now the revitalisation of the brand involves the opening of a new factory in Portugal. The facility will produce 200,000 pedal sets a year and will create 25 jobs from November 2022.

SRAM opens a factory in Portugal for TIME pedals

The new factory is located in the Portuguese town of Coimbra and was recently inaugurated by the mayor of the city himself. It currently has a surface area of 600 m² and a workforce of 6 employees, but it is expected that the number of jobs will increase in the coming months, and the surface area could be extended to 1100 m².

As mentioned above, this factory will produce around 200,000 pedals per year, although it could eventually also be used to produce wheels and hubs, 

The acquisition of TIME will allow SRAM to continue and diversify its product line, this time in the production of pedals, contributing to the development of the cycling industry in Portugal” said SRAM's director in Portugal, Isabel Gomes.

Gil Nadais, Secretary-General of Portugal’s National Association of Two-Wheel Industries, Hardware, Furniture and Related Products, ABIMOTA stated: “Over the last few years, the Portuguese two-wheel and smooth mobility sector, with a strong contribution from our Portugal Bike Value project, has struggled to provide the country and Europe with ever greater production capacity, reducing dependence on foreign markets and developing shorter distribution chains. With this unit, we take an important step towards achieving these goals.”

Such moves by large companies in the industry such as SRAM could be a sign of a change in production trends.



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SRAM abre una fábrica de pedales TIME en Portugal