SCOTT Ransom Golden Night, another unique creation by Dangerholm

Mountain bike 29/12/22 16:00 Migue A.


The popular manufacturer Gustav Gullholm, better known as Dangerholm, presents his latest and exclusive creation, the SCOTT Ransom Golden Night. A very unique project that brings us an Enduro MTB designed for performance and with a Dangerholm-style setup.

A radical and exclusive Dangerholm signature set-up

SCOTT Ransom Golden Night: a unique Enduro MTB created by Dangerholm

This is how Gustav Gullholm himself presented his latest work:

For many people who know my work, the Dangerholm name is synonymous to lightweight bikes. If not the very lightest out there, then at least very light.
And while you definitely can combine performance and reliability with low weight, there is of course more to bikes than chasing grams.

So when giving myself the task to build an enduro bike, I chose to give that theme a rest and simply go for high performance and function in general. Choosing both a frame and components that maybe aren’t the lightest out there, but has other qualities that will ensure to make riding both fast and fun.

This meant that there was a lot of focus on key elements such as suspension, brakes and wheels. In addition to the frame itself, these three areas are to me the most important when it comes to gravity riding.
With that said, I didn’t skip the attention to detail when it came to the rest of the build either. From ceramic bearings to grips in my preferred diameter, nothing was left to chance.

No weak links, nothing that will hold you back. A confidence inspiring, fast and stable yet incredibly fun bike.

SCOTT Ransom 930 frame made of aluminum and a shock and fork that are totally out of the ordinary

Keys to the SCOTT Ransom Golden Night

  • Based on the well proven and sturdy SCOTT Ransom 930 aluminium frame, this build puts a little less focus on weight than most Dangerholm builds. Instead, it goes all in on pure enduro performance. 
  • Intend Blackline Ebonite Bandit fork, with its characteristic one-and-a-half crown look, and an equally eye-catching Intend Hover Gamechanger rear shock.
  • Trickstuff Maxima brakes - probably the most powerful brakes on the market today.
  • Onyx hubs featuring a sprag clutch rear hub which is completely silent when coasting, laced to seemingly bombproof Radsporttechnik Müller MFX Carbon rims.
  • Painted in ”Chromacoat Golden Night”, shifting dramatically between blue and bronze/gold.
Carefully selected drivetrain with Intend Rocksteady crankset, Actofive Signature 32T chainring, Crankbrothers Mallet E pedals, CeramicSpeed bottom bracket, Sram X01 chain, 10-50TGarbaruk cassette and Sram GX AXS rear derailleur with CeramicSpeed cage.
Intend Grace EN stem with Schmolke Carbon DH Lowriser 780mm handlebar, Syncros AM Lock-on grips and Trickstuff Maxima brakes with 203mm discs.
The asymmetrical look of the Intend Blackline Ebonite Bandit fork is 100% functional, and the half deck includes an extra positive air chamber for improved front suspension performance.
Detail of the Intend Rocksteady crankset.
Exotic Hover Gamechanger shock offers unique performance while setting the aesthetics of the set
Onyx Racing Products hubs with hybrid ceramic bearings, Classic at the rear and Helix at the front.
MFX Carbon wheels from Radsporttechnik Müller, weigh only 600 grams each and are bombproof.
This SCOTT Ransom Golden Night weighs a total of 15.9 kg, not the lightest SCOTT Ransom he has ever created, but definitely another "Dangerholm" masterpiece.



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SCOTT Ransom Golden Night, otra creación única de Dangerholm


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SCOTT Ransom Golden Night, outra criação única de Dangerholm