New SCOTT Genius 2023: radical change

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The SCOTT Genius 2023 arrives completely revamped and with a new integrated suspension design that makes it one of the most attractive Trail MTBs of the moment. But there's much more. The new Genius has new geometry, new capabilities and comes in two formats: Genius 900 and Genius ST.

The SCOTT Genius 2023 is revamped with a cleaner look and improved downhill/uphill capabilities

Genius and Genius Super Trail (ST) 2023, one frame with two personalities

The SCOTT Genius debuted in 2001 as the brand's flagship Trail model, a mountain bike between XC and Enduro capable of satisfying the most downhill riders without weighing them down on the climbs.

Although the DNA of the previous version remains the same, the lines between modes are getting thinner and the SCOTT Genius 2023 comes to redefine them to better fit the new needs of riders. It is now more uphill and downhill capable. 

Adopting the design already premiered on the SCOTT Spark 2022 with the rear shock fully integrated and hidden inside the frame, the new SCOTT Genius 2023 comes in two models (900 and ST) in 150mm and with the same aesthetics, but with different personalities.

We'll talk in detail about all these specs a little later, but at the heart of both designs is the NUDE shock platform developed by SCOTT for the previous Genius. Now we'll look at the NUDE 5T shock on the Genius 900, and FOX's Float-X NUDE on the Genius ST. In terms of geometry, the main difference will be the steering angle, 65° for the 900 and 64° for the ST, but both can be modified thanks to the cup system.

SCOTT Genius 900 2023 - Highly versatile and easy to configure

SCOTT Genius 900 2023
  • FOX NUDE 5T CUSTOM shock
  • SCOTT TWINLOC 2 lockout system
  • Maximum pedaling performance
  • Firm suspension lockout
  • Quick adjustments while riding
  • Easy to set up

SCOTT Genius ST 2023 - Focused on downhill and on more precise suspension settings

SCOTT Genius ST 2023
  • FOX FLOAT-X NUDE shock
  • SCOTT TRACLOC lockout system
  • Suspension performance priority
  • Climb mode
  • More suspension tuning options
  • More precise settings

New frame and geometry

The new SCOTT Genius 2023 platform is presented to respond to what the brand calls Modern Trail, and does so with a frame (carbon and aluminum) specific for 29" wheels with 150mm travel and 160mm for the fork. Its geometry, in general terms, is now more relaxed, longer and lower than the previous version of the Genius model.

This new look lowers the bike's center of gravity, improves frame stiffness and protects the shock.

Maximum integration

One of the new dimensions of cycling is integration and SCOTT is way ahead of the competition. The new Genius 2023 is a clear example and has adopted the integrated rear suspension system hidden in the frame that we already saw on the Spark 2022.

But this integration is not just for aesthetic reasons; it also makes it possible to design frames with the lowest possible center of gravity, with a stiffer bottom bracket construction and greater shock absorber protection.

Those seeing this integrated shock absorber system for the first time should know that the usual adjustments can be made easily, such as SAG adjustment or the shock sag indicator. And that access to the shock absorber is found under the bottom bracket behind a cover that opens without tools.


Internal wiring from the steering to each component

But the integration details are spread throughout the new Genius and can be found in the integrated rubber protections on the rear triangle, the minimalist chain guide attached to the frame or the T25, T30 and 6mm Allen multipurpose integrated in the rear wheel lock. In addition, the new internal cable routing system leaves the frame completely clean by collecting all the cables through the headset itself and routing them inside the frame brilliantly to the brakes, seatpost, shock or drivetrain. 

Detail of the internal wiring passing through the shock absorber area, a true piece of art.


Reach and saddle and steering angles for a SCOTT Genius 2023 in size M

Adjustable steering angle

As we have already seen in other SCOTT models, the Genius 2023 includes the option to change the steering angle easily. You can choose between 64° or 65° by adjusting the steering cups. In addition, the carbon frame allows for an extra neutral position of 64.5°.

Detail of the cable entry through the steering and of the cups changing the steering angle by simply turning them.

Carbon and aluminum

The new SCOTT Genius 2023 will be available in carbon, aluminum and mixed frame versions. In all models we will find the same features of integration, geometry that we have already seen.

Same frame in carbon or aluminum

For the carbon fiber versions, SCOTT uses two carbon grades. The frame of the new Genius 2023 built with HMX carbon comes in at 2295g, while the HMF version weighs 2795g.

The metal version is made with hydrochromed 6061 aluminum tubing and has an almost identical look to the carbon version. SCOTT defines this version well by indicating that not only is it a more affordable model than the carbon version, but it is also a high-end aluminum frame.

NUDE shock: the heart of the Genius 2023

As we have already mentioned, one of the big differences between the Genius 900 and the ST lies in its NUDE rear shock developed at SCOTT's request.


SCOTT defines the Genius 900 as the ultimate trail bike and that means great versatility that is supported by a suspension system that works well uphill and downhill.

The Genius 900 is equipped with SCOTT's popular TwinLoc suspension system, which connects frame, fork and shock via a remote control on the handlebar. The shock of choice is a FOX NUDE 5T with SCOTT's patented traction control.

When switching from "Descent" mode to "Traction Control" mode, two important things happen. The air volume in the shock is reduced, and the compression changes. This leads to a change in the dynamic geometry of the bike: being in the highest position of the shock's travel, the distance between the pedal and the ground increases and allows a more effective position for pedaling or for overcoming technical climbs. The bike becomes more agile and efficient, without sacrificing traction or sensitivity.

The system has a lockout position, the firmest of the three modes and undoubtedly ideal for long climbs on smooth terrain. Even with the lockout active, the shock is able to absorb possible shocks to prevent damage to the suspension.


The Genius ST is an uncompromising downhill trail bike and to maximize its performance SCOTT has developed with Fox the new Float-X NUDE shock.

This system also features the 3 modes selectable from the handlebar remote control, but includes an option to adjust the progressivity on the move. In "Descent" mode, both air chambers will be open, offering 150mm of travel with specific settings. If you choose the ramp control mode, one of the shock's chambers will close, increasing the progression inside the shock. With this new shock, it's like you can add volume spacers to your shock mid-travel.

In uphill mode, the damping is closed by altering the dynamic geometry of the bike and will save energy on long climbs until the start of downhills.

The Float-X also features a low-speed compression adjustment dial.

SCOTT GENIUS 2023: models, prices and weights

The price of the Genius 2023 ranges from €3,719 for the entry-level aluminum version to €12,249 for the lightest model. All models are available in sizes S,M,L and XL, except the two Contessa models (women's specific) which are not offered in size XL. 


  • Frame: HMX Carbon
  • Fork: FOX 36 160mm
  • Shock: FOX NUDE 5T with TwinLoc system
  • Groupset: SRAM XX1 AXS
  • Brakes: Shimano XTR M9120
  • Components: Syncros carbon
  • Weight: 12,8 kg
  • Price: 12.249€


  • Frame: HMF Carbon
  • Fork: FOX 36 160mm
  • Shock: FOX NUDE 5T with TwinLoc system
  • Groupset: SRAM GX AXS
  • Brakes: Shimano XTR M8120
  • Components: Syncros carbon
  • Weight: 14,1 kg
  • Price: 7.599€

SCOTT GENIUS 920 (Aluminum swingarm)

  • Frame: HMF carbon with aluminum swingarm
  • Fork: FOX 36 160mm
  • Shock: FOX NUDE 5T with TwinLoc system
  • Groupset: Shimano Deore
  • Brakes: Shimano Deore M6120
  • Weight: 14,8 kg
  • Price: 5.099€

SCOTT GENIUS 930 (Aluminum)

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum
  • Fork: FOX 36 160mm
  • Shock: FOX Float with TwinLoc system
  • Groupset: Shimano Deore
  • Brakes: SRAM DB8
  • Weight: 15,5 kg
  • Price: 4.499€

SCOTT GENIUS 940 (Aluminum)

SCOTT Genius 940 2023 in Aluminum
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum
  • Fork: Marzocchi Z2 150mm
  • Shock: X-Fusion NUDE 5 RLX Trunnion
  • Groupset: SRAM NX
  • Brakes: Shimano MT501
  • Weight: 15,5 kg
  • Price: 3.719 €


Genius ST 900 TUNED
  • Frame: HMX Carbon
  • Fork: FOX 36 160mm
  • Shock: FOX X NUDE with TracLoc system
  • Groupset: SRAM X01 AXS
  • Brakes: Shimano XTR M9120
  • Components: Syncros carbon
  • Weight: 13,3 kg
  • Price: 10.999€

SCOTT GENIUS ST 910 (Aluminum swingarm)

  • Cuadro: HMF carbon with aluminum swingarm
  • Fork: Ohlins RXF36 160 mm
  • Shock: FOX X NUDE with TracLoc system
  • Groupset: SRAM GX AXS
  • Brakes: Shimano XT M8120
  • Components: Syncros carbon
  • Weight: 14,4 kg
  • Price: 7.599€

SCOTT GENIUS ST 920 (Aluminum)

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum
  • Fork: RockShox Lyrik Air 160mm
  • Shock: FOX FLOAT X NUDE PE EVOL with TracLoc system
  • Groupset: SRAM NX 
  • Brakes: SRAM DB8
  • Weight: 15,8 kg
  • Price: 4.999€

SCOTT CONTESSA GENIUS ST 910 (Aluminum swingarm)

  • Frame: HMF Carbon with aluminum swingarm
  • Fork: FOX 36 Float Performance Elite Grip 2 Air 160 mm
  • Shock: FOX Float X NUDE with TracLoc system
  • Groupset: SRAM GX AXS
  • Brakes: Shimano XT M8120
  • Components: Syncros carbon

SCOTT CONTESSA GENIUS 920 (Aluminum swingarm)

  • Frame: HMF Carbon with aluminum swingarm
  • Fork: FOX 36 Float Performance Elite Grip 2 Air 160 mm
  • Shock: FOX NUDE 5T EVOL Trunnion with TwinLoc system
  • Groupset: Shimano Deore
  • Brakes: Shimano Deore M6120

You can check the full set-ups on the official SCOTT website.



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