New RockShox SID and SID SL with 3 positions, more travel, better performance and lighter weight

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The RockShox SID forks are the family of forks with more competition victories in XC today, and the most popular and relevant among the fans, but for some years they were demanded an update that has become a reality with this new generation. The new ROCKSHOX SID/SID SL 2024 range comes with a new 3-position Charger Race Day, new lighter and stiffer chassis and a new 110 mm version for the SID SL, the lightest model.

Key features of the new RockShox SID and SID SL forks

  • New Charger Race Day with 3-position option for all new SID and SID SL models (Lock, Open and Pedal)
  • New DebonAir+ spring with higher volume
  • Lightest crown made of aluminum (RockShox claims it is the lightest they have ever made)
  • New stiffer and lighter chassis with 35 mm bars for the SID and 32 mm for the SID SL
  • The SID SL grows in travel to 110 mm, also available in 100 mm.
  • Offset of 44mm for all models (29")
  • Weight and price SID SL ULTIMATE 3P : 1352g (110 mm) - 1019€
  • Weight and price la SID ULTIMATE 3P: 1476g (120 mm) - 1199€

What's new with RockShox SID and SID SL forks

Undoubtedly the most outstanding novelty of this generation are the new Charger (Race Day 2, Charger XC or Rush XC) with a choice of 3 or 2 positions. In today's XC there are no longer only acceleration and descent zones that require a locked or open fork, and the intermediate pedaling option just introduced by the new SIDs was something that had been demanded for a long time.All new RockShox SID and SID SL, whatever their Charger, come with a choice of 3 or 2 positions.

Open, Lock or Pedal, all new models of SID and SID SL forks come with a choice of 3 positions


The new SID 2024 forks have just been officially presented, but the truth is that we have been seeing them in competition for months as models under development on the bikes of the best riders. Already then we noticed something that is now confirmed, the crown and chassis have been renewed.

New TwistLoc 3P remote

As in the previous generation, RockShox continues to dispense with carbon in the crown of its forks but in exchange achieves comparable weights with the machining of these parts. The new SID SL crown is the lightest ever manufactured by the brand.

New structure improves the stiffness of the set

The chassis has also been modified and although we still do not find 35mm bars in the SID SL version (something that many expected) now has a new structure that improves lateral stiffness while increasing the volume of the air chamber to improve the behavior of the suspension.

The new DebonAir+ spring has 50% more negative volume and 16% more positive volume. This modifies the damping curve, improving the overall configuration and behavior of the fork.

The initial travel of the SID is much smoother thanks to the increased negative air volume, but also to the new SID top stop which includes a spring instead of the usual rubber.

In addition, the new RockShox SID range includes a new Maxima Plush Dynamic lube that offers more durability, reduces friction, and boosts fork performance, ride after ride.

RockShox SID ULTIMATE 2024: new features, prices, weights and models

With 35mm bars and up to 120mm of travel, the new RockShox SID ULTIMATE 3P and the other SID models are the perfect forks for those looking for maximum travel with the best stiffness, but without sacrificing weight. The new SID ULTIMATE 3P is almost 60 g lighter than its previous version including the new Race Day 2 3-position charger and the new DebonAir+ spring. The 120mm SID Ultimate 2024 weighs 1476g while the 2021 SID Ultimate weighs 1537g.

The RockShox SID line consists of four models ranging from 939€ for the SID SELECT to 1199€ for the SID SELECT.

  • ROCKSHOX SID SELECT+ - Not Available Aftermarket
  • ROCKSHOX SID - Not Available Aftermarket

RockShox SID SL 2024: new features, prices, weights and models

The lightest version of the SID continues to carry the SL surname and seeks to reduce every possible gram. The new SID SL ULTIMATE 3P still has 32mm bars but now offers up to 110mm more travel with the new 3-position charger, the DebonAir+ spring and the new chassis. The result is a much more capable fork that only adds 26g to its previous version with 10mm less travel. The 2024 SID SL Ultimate (110mm) weighs 1352g while the 2021 SID SL Ultimate version (100mm) weighs 1326g.

The RockShox SID SL range includes four new models, two of which are just going on sale, ranging in price from €819 for the SELECT version to €1019 for the ULTIMATE.

The new RockShox forks have been introduced along with the new TWISTLOC ULTIMATE remote and the new SIDLluxe 2024 shocks.



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