Koretzky signs a perfect weekend by also winning the XCO World Cup in Les Gets

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Koretzky takes the victory in the XCO World Cup in Les Gets, who completed a perfect weekend after winning also in the Short Track. The Frenchman got rid of his rivals with a pace that no one could replicate. Schurter recovered after a flat tyre in which he lost a little time and was second. Dascalu came in third while Dubau put in a great performance, although he melted in the end.

Koretzky puts the icing on the cake at the XCO World Cup in Les Gets

The race started with a small crash in the middle zone that was resolved without major consequences. Dascalu won the start from Sarrou, Schwarzbauer, Koretzky and a great Nino Schurter, who needed only a few meters to climb from the twenty-fifth position, were just behind.

The leading group was formed by Schwarzbauer, Schurter, Dascalu, Sarrou and Koretzky. A small break after the Frenchman of just two seconds was closed at the start of the second lap by Albin, Cink, Blums, Dubau and company. In total, about twenty riders lined up in a perfect single file behind Schwarzbauer's purple jersey.

The German, true to his aggressive and offensive style, led from the start and took on the responsibility of leading the group. Koretzky, who won the XCC race on Friday, took over from him at the start of the next lap.

The early stages of the race seemed to dispel the doubts about the performance of Nino Schurter, who was off due to illness in the Short Track, although with so many kilometers ahead it was too early to take for granted the good form of the Swiss.

The leading group was losing units until halfway through the third lap there were only four riders who were holding on to the front. Schurter took the lead ahead of Frenchmen Koretzky, Sarrou and Dubau.

The intense pace was taking its toll on Sarrou, who ended up being swallowed up by the chasing group. Koretzky led the leading trio. They rode without making a difference until the halfway point of the race, when the Specialized Factory Team rider broke away from the group. 5 seconds.

Dubau and Schurter were squeezing their quads to stop the bleeding seconds, but neither had Koretzky's energy. 14 seconds. The chasing pair swapped positions and although they increased the gap to those behind, they also lost time to the leader.

Sixth lap. 20 seconds. Flat tyre of Schurter. Forced stop and exit of the technical zone 40 seconds behind, together with Guerrini, Dascalu and Schuermans. The fight for third place concentrated the interest of the race, as the first two podium places seemed to already bear the names of the two Frenchmen.

Penultimate lap. Koretzky continued to pound the pedals and increased the lead a bit more. 24 seconds with Dubau who was living in no man's land, with 18 seconds with the group of four led by Schurter.

The Swiss ended the apparent truce and broke away alone. Guerrini, Dascalu and Schuermans resisted several meters behind.

Last lap. Koretzky controlled the race without pressure, deservedly enjoying the well done work. The surprise came from behind. Dubau lost the cushion of seconds he was counting on. Schurter came to his wheel and passed him. The Frenchman, weakened in strength, woke up when the Swiss overtook him and kept him hooked in his wake.

Koretzky was pleased and asked his compatriots to cheer him on from behind the fences. Last corner and finish straight to raise his arms and celebrate the victory at the home XCO World Cup in Les Gets.

Schurter recovered in an amazing way and almost matched the time of the first lap. Second place to fill with confidence and reaffirm his lead in the overall. Dascalu took the third step of the podium after overtaking Dubau, who despite the great performance he sustained during most of the race, was also overtaken by Guerrini.

Results XCO World Cup Les Gets 2023 - Men

  1. Victor Koretzky 1:26'45"
  2. Nino Schurter +17"
  3. Vlad Dascalu +21"
  4. Marcel Guerrini +26"
  5. Joshua Dubau +31"
  6. Jens Schuermans +52"
  7. Thomas Griot +1'11"
  8. Ondrej Cink +1'19"
  9. Mathias Fluckiger +1'52"
  10. Joel Roth +1'59"



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Koretzky firma un fin de semana perfecto y gana también la Copa del Mundo XCO de Les Gets