Pidcock wins the Nove Mesto XCO World Cup after a crash and a hard-fought head-to-head with Dubau

Mountain bike 14/05/23 16:30 Migue A.

Tom Pidcock took the win in the first race of the XCO World Cup season in Nove Mesto. The British rider crashed when he was leading and had to recover to raise his arms at the end of the race. Dubau was in top form and came close to winning, but in the end he had to settle for second place.

Pidcock wins in Nove Mesto after close battle with a fantastic Dubau

The XCO race started in Nove Mesto under a thin layer of rain and on a ground that was already wet. Schwarzbauer-Gaze-Schurter-Pidcock took the first positions, although the leading group consisted of a large number of riders. Schwarzbauer pushed on, no one followed and opened a gap of about 6 seconds at the end of the Start Loop.

The Canyon CLLCTV German, who had already put on a show of strength in Friday's XCC, was able to keep the gap for the next few minutes. A stumble by Gaze caused a break in the chasing group, which affected everyone but Schurter, who was ahead.

The Swiss, along with Dubau, went after Schwarzbauer. The pair achieved their goal and the lead was formed by these three riders. Behind, Pidcock-Fluckiger-Gaze-Sarrou were about 10 seconds behind.

The race became compact again with Pidcock, Fluckiger and soon after Gaze joining the leading group. All six entered the finish line at the same time and were joined shortly after by Sarrou and Luca Braidot.

Pidcock attempted an attack. After the reply, a second attempt by the British rider who, thanks to a slip that caused several riders to have to put a foot down, was more accurate and only Schwarzbauer and Dubau were able to follow his wheel.

Schwarzbauer was losing ground and left the lead to Pidcock-Dubau. Behind, Schurter and Fluckiger connected with the German. Pidcock kept the bar high but the Frenchman followed in his wake. 

New pass through the finish line. Schurter-Schwarzbauer at 15 seconds; Fluckiger-Sarrou at 20. The lap continued without too many changes. Pidcock in front, Dubau, who continued to transmit good sensations, in second position and the others, who had rejoined.

It took until the 37th minute of the race for Pidcock managed to release Dubau and open a slight gap of 2 seconds. For their part, Sarrou-Schurter-Schwarzbauer stood out among the chasers, although they were already losing about 26 seconds.

Pidcock gave an extra pedal stroke and the gap to Dubau got a little bigger. Just then the Brit had to get off the bike to finish one of the more technical climbs, which the Frenchman took advantage of to get back on the bike.

Sarrou-Schurter were pedaling at the same pace as they were unable to close the gap to the race lead.

Pidcock went to the ground. An accident that caused the British rider to lose 10 seconds, but he was able to return to the race without major consequences. Golden opportunity for Dubau, who was leading alone with two and a half laps to go.

11 seconds between Dubau and Pidcock. The British rider, perhaps somewhat diminished by the crash, did not have the legs to be closer, so the gap remained second up second down.

Even so, the Ineos Grenadiers rider pulled out all the stops to cut a few meters off the Frenchman and leave the gap at 6 seconds.

Penultimate lap. Pidcock showed his strength and crossed the finish line just three seconds behind. A minimal difference that was nonexistent a few meters ahead, when he managed to reach his wheel.

Pidcock preferred to stay on the wheel without overtaking Dubau. Recovering his strength and analyzing his rival. A lap and a half to know the outcome, which was to be between the two of them.

Dubau wanted to keep dreaming and at times he pushed the pace and Pidcock lost contact, but then he was there again.

Last lap. Dubau-Pidcock tied; Schurter-Sarrou 21 seconds behind.

The first who seemed to try was Pidcock, but the one who made the most successful move was Dubau, who was able to put two seconds on his rival. The British rider hesitated but recovered and closed the gap.

The lap progressed and the pulse that both had maintained for so long was heading for a high finish. Dubau seemed a little fresher, still ahead and keeping Pidcock at bay.

Pidcock's move to take the lead. Animal pedal stroke to get rid of a Dubau who looked like he had a quadriceps that seemed to be able to handle anything. Up again. And Pidcock took the eleventh and final bite. 5 seconds.

Everything remained the same in the last section. Victory for Pidcock after recovering from the crash he suffered when he was leading. Dubau completed a fantastic race in second place and Schurter won the sprint over Sarrou to take third place.

Results XCO Nove Mesto 2023 World Cup - Men's

  1. Thomas Pidcock 1:22'46"
  2. Joshua Dubau +5"
  3. Nino Schurter +23"
  4. Jordan Sarrou +23"
  5. Thomas Griot +48"
  6. Luca Schwarzbauer +1'21"
  7. Mathias Fluckiger +1'50"
  8. Lars Forster +1'59"
  9. Luca Braidot +2'09"
  10. Alan Hatherly +2'26"



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