Van Aert wins in Mol with great superiority over Van der Poel

Cyclocross 23/12/22 19:20 Migue A.

Van Aert takes a stunning victory under the Mol night in the fifth EXACT CROSS event of the season. Van der Poel shared the lead with his main rival, but was unable to keep up with him as soon as the Belgian pushed with three laps to go. Pidcock closed the podium after a discreet performance ahead of Sweek and Hermans.

Van Aert performs brilliantly and Van der Poel settles for second place almost a minute behind

The script of the race foreshadowed a fierce duel between the three best riders in cyclocross. The race started with much equality until Van Aert and Van der Poel decided to tighten and release a Pidcock who was far from fighting for the victory along with Sweek and Hermans who denied to surrender.

The race started with a great Van der Poel, who was the favorite starting from the furthest position. Just a few meters later, the three seeded riders were running together behind several riders who were now in the leading positions.

Hermans closed the first lap leading a very large group that indicated that everyone was saving energy for the key moment of the race. By the end of the second lap the group was down to five: Van Aert, Van der Poel, Pidcock, Hermans and Sweek.

The race continued without further setbacks with some changes of leader that did not affect the general course of the race and some timid changes of pace that did not leave any of the five riders behind. The first scare of the day came when Van Aert crashed at the exit of a sandy curve, although he was able to recover without losing time.

The fourth lap began with Hermans eager to shake the race. He pushed hard and left Pidcock and Sweek behind. The Belgian surprised by riding with a Van Aert and Van der Poel who seemed to be at a very similar level.

However, on the next lap Van Aert and Van der Poel got rid of Hermans and everyone got ready to enjoy the fight for the victory that these two stars of the sport were going to face. It was a duel of equals that made you think that everything was going to be decided in the final moments of the race.

But it was on the sixth lap that Van Aert changed the pace for good, a moment that coincided with a small stumble by Van der Poel on the sandy climb. Even so, the Dutchman was unable to close the gap. In fact, from then on the gap between the two only increased. Van Aert put 7 seconds into the gap, which quickly turned into 10.

The rest of the race served to confirm that Van Aert was several steps ahead of Van der Poel today. 12 seconds on the seventh lap. 34 on the penultimate lap. 53 at the end. Van Aert won with great authority and will be in high spirits for the next event on his busy calendar, the Gavere World Cup on December 26th.

Van der Poel will have to do a reset and try to come back stronger in Gavere, after being overtaken by a Van Aert who had no rival. Pidcock was far behind, but managed to save the day with a third place against a great Sweek and Hermans.



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