The Polygon Tambora becomes a road or gravel bike with just one twist

Road 27/02/24 07:35 Migue A.

The versatility of gravel bikes allows them to be used on tracks or asphalt interchangeably in many cases. A capacity for adaptation that is deepened by the bike brand Polygon, which equips its Tambora model with a system that allows the geometry to be adapted from the stability of a gravel bike to the maneuverability of a road bike.

Geometry to your liking on the Polygon Tambora

Polygon is an Indonesian brand with a comprehensive catalog that covers practically all modalities, including BMX and Dirt Jump models. However, their new gravel bike, the Polygon Tambora, has caught our attention, not only for the qualities of its carbon frame but also for seeking maximum versatility with its Flip Chip system.

Geometry adjustment systems are common in mountain biking, especially in more aggressive disciplines like Downhill. In gravel, we had already seen some models like the Cervélo Aspero that had a similar system in the fork dropouts to adjust the fork offset and thus be able to have a 100% gravel geometry or one that is practically cyclocross on the same bike. Some road bike models like the early Canyon Aeroad also had this possibility in the fork.

However, the Polygon Tambora stands out because the geometry change, with the Flip Chip system, pieces that move the wheel placement forward or backward in the dropouts, both in the rear dropouts and in the fork, positioned at a certain angle to affect the head angle, axle length, or chainstay length, allowing for a complete change in geometry that will transform our gravel bike into a road bike, albeit an all-road style, in just a few minutes.

In gravel position, the Polygon Tambora has clearance for up to 700x45c tires, a head angle of 71.8°, and 1,045 mm wheelbase. These measurements transform into a road position with a 72° head angle, 1,026 mm wheelbase, and a lower bottom bracket for stability at high speeds, as well as 10 mm shorter chainstays that also influence the bike's maneuverability.

These are the kind of solutions that perhaps more manufacturers should consider in pursuit of the versatility that gravel riding boasts, and it would likely be a strong selling point for those looking for a single bike for all uses but are not willing to sacrifice the responsiveness of their road bike or venture onto trails with aggressive cyclocross models designed for gravel use that can accommodate high-volume tires.



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