Pinarello adds two new models to its catalog

Road 27/02/23 10:30 Migue A.

The Italian company restructures its collection by adding the F and X series as the second step of its range after the spectacular Dogma, replacing the Prince and Paris that disappear from its catalog. Both bikes are created with different approaches, the first one purely sporty and with an affordable geometry for all audiences while maintaining a high level of efficiency in the case of the X.

Pinarello F and X, renew or die

Pinarello has decided to revamp its road range by acting on the most affordable models for the majority of riders, the second step of the range which, after all, are the bikes that we most commonly end up seeing on the road as they are a little cheaper than the super-exclusive Dogma F at the top of the range, the same bike used by the INEOS-Grenadiers riders.

Until now, in this second level appeared a mythical name of the brand such as the Prince model, which Pinarello took up again a few years ago in order to offer similar characteristics to those of the Dogma but at a more affordable price. Once again, the Prince disappears from the catalog and is replaced by a new model that is a direct inheritance of the big model in the range.

This new series of bikes is now called Pinarello F and its focus is clearly sporty, having worked on improving the qualities of the Prince to get as close as possible to the Dogma.

Pinarello will produce three versions of this F range: F9, F7 and F5. The first two use Toray T900 carbon, while the F5 uses a more affordable T700. All of them, of course, accompanied by Most components. In the absence of confirmation, only the F9 frame will be available, in black, white or red, with no details yet on the available setups.

Of course, Pinarello maintains in these bikes the design guidelines of the Dogma, such as the aerodynamic profiles of its tubes or the asymmetrical sections of the rear triangle tubes between those on the left and those on the right to achieve an optimal response to the forces exerted when pedaling. As a curiosity, both this and the X opt for what seems to be becoming a trend, moving the battery, in case of using Di2 groupset, from the seatpost to the bottom bracket area with a housing accessible through a cover under the bottom bracket.

Gran fondo in its purest form

Although it is a bike concept that has fallen out of favor in the range due to the growth of gravel bikes, endurance style bikes are still the most suitable option for the vast majority of riders on the road. Bikes with a much gentler ride and rider positioning, as well as a fiber laminate aimed at maximum comfort with minimal loss of performance compared to racing models.

Pinarello is committed to this concept with its X series, marked mainly by a more relaxed geometry, with higher headset and shorter reach as well as longer wheelbase for a more stable ride. Unlike other gran fondo models on the market, there are no nods to gravel, with a maximum wheel arch of 32 millimeters.

The carbon chosen to manufacture the frame of this X series is Toray T600, shared by the two models to be marketed by Pinarello: X3 and X1, mounted with Shimano 105 or SRAM Rival the former and 105 mechanical the latter. Otherwise, the design and aesthetic lines of this X series do not differ from those of the sporty F, being virtually indistinguishable at first glance if we do not look at the logos on the bike.



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Pinarello añade dos nuevos modelos a su catálogo