The peloton stops the race because of the snow and a mess is made in the O Gran Camiño

Road 23/02/23 15:54 Migue A.

Very tough debut of Jonas Vingegaard in this season in a dantesque day because of the snow that has ended up being canceled after the withdrawal of the riders. The controversy about when extreme conditions are considered and whether or not it was possible to race in those conditions arises once again.

The snow, protagonist of Jonas Vingegaard's debut in the first stage of O Gran Camiño

Once again, weather conditions unleash controversy in the world of cycling and put the organization of a cycling event in trouble. On this occasion, the victim has been the young O Gran Camiño race that today started its second edition, attracting attention for being the place chosen to start the season by the current winner of the Tour de France Jonas Vingegaard.

Already yesterday the forecasts pointed to a significant drop in temperatures due to an incoming north wind, which also placed the snow level at low figures. However, the day dawned without precipitation in the first stage, of 188 kilometers that would have to join Lugo with Sarria.

However, little by little the precipitations were making their presence as the race advanced towards the interior of the broken Galician geography, offering us images of terrified cyclists in spite of using all the arsenal of technical garments that the squads have today.

It seemed in any case that the stage was going to develop normally, and the cyclists were even able to enjoy some sunny moments that, despite everything, did not manage to appease the prevailing freezing temperatures.

With just over 20 kilometers to go, the snow began to fall again, this time heavily, to the point where the riders at the head of the peloton decided to stop the race of their own accord. Meanwhile, ahead, the three members of the breakaway of the day: Sebastian Schönberger, Vicente Hernaiz and Gianni Moscon continued their way to the finish, unaware of what was going on behind them. In the end, the organizers had no choice but to officially stop the race due to the refusal of the peloton to continue, once again sparking the controversy over whether the conditions were suitable or not to continue.

Particularly ironic is that, at the moment the organizers finally decided to stop the cyclists in the lead, the snow ceased to fall and the sun made its appearance.

This cancellation comes just a few days after the third stage of La Vuelta a Andalucía - Ruta del Sol, which was very dangerous because of the very strong wind that day and that even took some riders off the road while some riders angrily demanded to the organization to cancel the stage. On that occasion there was no stoppage or suspension, so the day ended normally, with Tim Wellens winning.

What do you think? Was the decision to stop the race and the sit-in of the riders the right one? Leave us your opinion in our social networks!



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El pelotón se planta por la nieve y se monta el lío en la O Gran Camiño