Orbea reorganises its internal structure

Road 31/10/22 10:15 Migue A.

Orbea has just announced a major organisational restructuring as part of the growth phase it began in 2016, in which its workforce has increased to almost 1,000 people

Internal changes at Orbea

With the goal of becoming one of the most desired brands by any cyclist in the world, Orbea began 7 years ago a plan to reach a relevant size in the market. Something that the Mallabia-based brand confirms it has achieved to date by remaining true to its values and cooperative identity.

“Orbea is now a cooperative that employs around 1000 people worldwide. We are present all over the world as a recognized, sought-after brand. Now we are moving on to a new phase in which we will continue to push hard to meet the exciting challenges that riders and customers are setting for us day by day", says CEO Jon Fernández.

The brand is now facing a new phase in which Jon has presented, among others, the new position of Sales Strategy Director, which will be occupied by the former Global Sales Director, Gonzalo García de Salazar. As he transitions into his new role, he will assist in the development of sales operations and strategies that Orbea needs to assure its position in each market.

"We are moving into a very exciting stage: as we continue to move forward in our various markets, we will also be further enriching our value proposal for the cycling community and for our dealers, with the aim of continuing to be a benchmark for the society in which we operate", explains Gonzalo García de Salazar.

In order to be ready to undertake this new road, Gonzalo has appointed Nick Howe, US Country Manager to date, as Orbea's new Global Sales Director. Nick will be responsible for leading the brand's sales teams, aligning the brand's strategies and being one of the leaders in building the Orbea of the future.

In addition to these important changes, Cary Tatro has been appointed as the new US Country Manager following his work as sales representative for Southern California.

Now is the time to undertake a new phase with new challenges, where excellence must be our watchword. We are ready and eager to take the path that lies before us." concludes Jon.



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Orbea reorganiza su estructura interna


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