Orbea Rallon 2022, renovated to be faster than ever before

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Orbea has just presented the sixth version of the Rallon, the mountain bike chosen by the Orbea Fox Enduro Team to compete in the Enduro World Series, now updated with the aim of becoming the fastest bike in competition and the most fun to ride with friends. Now you can choose between 27.5" or 29" wheels and forget about the saddle on the downhills, among other important new features.

Orbea Rallon 2022

A few days ago we saw Damien Oton, Vid Persak and the rest of the Orbea Fox Enduro Team riding and competing with an exotic model at the EWS in Loudenvielle, France. Now we know that it was this new Orbea Rallon 2022, a bike designed for Enduro or Bike Park that evolves directly in competition and that is reflected in its character.

Its frame is made of OMR carbon, maintains the 160mm travel at the rear and 170mm at the front and is now compatible with the Mullet system to choose between 29 or 27.5" wheels. But let's take a look at some of its main features.

Forget about the saddle with the Steep and Deep concept

On fast, technical or very steep descents, the saddle is an uncomfortable element that does not favour the control of the bike, so if we want to gain time on those sections it would be best to forget about it. The problem is that the deep insertion of the dropper seatpost into the seat tube directly compromised the geometry of the frame, until now.

With the Steep and Deep concept, the new Rallon offers a straight seat tube, large seatpost insertion capacity and a low top tube, which translates into much more space to choose long-travel dropper seatposts.

With this evolution, more amplitude of movement is gained on steep downhill slopes, which translates into control and speed.

Thanks to the Steep and Deep and the availability of sizes S, M, L and XL, most riders will be able to fit a 200 dropper seatpost and choose between two or three sizes to find their preferred reach, a larger size for those looking for stability or a smaller size for those who want a more playful Rallon.

Orbea Rallon Mullet

The Mullet system is a trend in Enduro and many expected the new Rallon to adopt it. And so it has. The Orbea Rallon 2022 can be fitted with 27.5" or 29" wheels, without affecting the geometry, using one of the shock extensions included with the bike.

27.5" swingarm
Ready for the 29"

You know, win in speed with 29" or in fun with 27.5". Now the Rallon 2022 offers that possibility.


Lockr storage system integrated in the frame

Having to go out with a backpack or fanny pack can sometimes be a hassle, which is why the Rallon 2022 has integrated storage spaces in the frame where you can carry what you need. This system is called Lockr and is distributed throughout the frame. From the possibility of carrying a standard water bottle securely attached to the frame, to including a separate storage area for tools and spare parts (inner tube, tyre levers and two CO2 cartridges).

In addition, the main pivot and rear axle are fitted with cleverly designed tools, held in place by magnets. The Rallon comes fully equipped with an inner tube, tubeless kit, 3 to 6 mm hex keys and a T25.

Guards and internal cable guides

The frame of the Orbea Rallon 2022 features custom moulded polymer guards to protect it from impacts and eliminate chain noise.

Close-up of the integrated guards

In addition, the new internal cable guides, improved silicone plugs at the entry and exit points of the frame, and integrated cable routing between the front and rear triangles mean that the bike's noise is limited to the noise it produces when riding on any terrain.

OMR carbon for improved precision and feel

Carbon frames are designed to optimise overall stiffness, but a frame that is too stiff can lose feel and doesn't allow the bike to shape the terrain. To control flexibility, strength and stiffness, Orbea uses OMR carbon and all its experience in lamination to balance the front and rear triangles of the Rallon 2022.

Fully sealed bearings

Bearings are one of the most delicate components. They are subjected to high loads under very aggressive conditions of humidity and dirt and are one of the most frequently repaired parts in Enduro.

In the new Orbea Rallon all bearings are fully sealed to keep them cleaner for longer and make the suspension work optimally even in the worst conditions.

Suspension system

In this version of the Orbea Rallon, the suspension kinematics have been completely revised to offer a more progressive curve. With a more rearward-facing axle path and 160mm of rear travel, the Rallon is quick and agile in the corners, with plenty of control and traction on rough terrain. Paired with the Fox 38 fork, the Rallon is ready for any terrain.

Rallon's progressive curve controls the bike in situations where you reach the end of the suspension travel, including the inevitable bumps that occur when riding on a rocky trail.

A forward main pivot point improves the trajectory of the rear wheel axle allowing the wheel to travel on the same trajectory as the impact for more travel. Rallon manages to float over the ground and absorb dry shocks with ease, maintaining speed and minimising fatigue.

Anti-Rise: The location of the rear pivot point isolates braking forces from the swingarm assembly, reducing braking incidence.

Anti-Squat: Orbea has kept the anti-squat features of the 5th generation Rallon, following good feedback from Orbea Fox Enduro Team riders. They love the way the bike sprints out of slower corners.

Orbea Rallon 2022: models and prices

The first units of the new Orbea Rallon will be available in mid-October and the range consists of four models starting from 4299 € to 8999 €.

  • Orbea Rallon M-LTD 8.999€ - 8.999£ - 9.999$
  • Orbea Rallon M-TEAM 6.599€ - 6.599£ - 7.299$
  • Orbea Rallon M10 5.299€ - 5.299£ - 5.999$
  • Orbea Rallon M20 4.299€ - 4.299£ - 4.999$

Thanks to Orbea's own MyO programme, the Rallon R6 can be customised aesthetically at no additional cost. You can also choose between different component options, such as wheels or drivetrain, during the ordering process.

For further information, please visit the official Orbea website.



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