The Orbea Orca 2022 has new colours and components: models and prices

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The Orbea Orca is the brand's flagship model in road cycling, a perfect bike for most cyclists that allows them to enjoy the sensations of riding a racing, light and fast bike.

We can truly say that the current version of the Orca is the best road bike manufactured by Orbea and in 2022 it arrives with new colours and components. Among them, the RAW carbon aesthetics or the models mounted with the new Shimano Dura-Ace or Shimano Ultegra stand out.

Orbea Orca 2022 features

In 2020, Orbea presented the current version of Orca, the lightest and most capable road racing bike manufactured by the brand and undoubtedly one of the best on the market. To achieve this, Orbea did a great job of integration, ergonomics, geometry and aerodynamics that resulted in a modern racing bike practically customised to each rider.

Manufactured in carbon monocoque by Orbea

Orbea's ability to research and develop aerodynamic concepts has made it possible, for example, to optimise the OMX frame shapes. The down tube, seat tube and seat stay sections of the new Orca are oval and slightly flattened, reducing wind resistance by 10% compared to the previous version.

OMX frames combine exclusively high modulus, high strength fibres. The prepreg carbon sheets are laser cut to minimise overlaps and excess material. Pre-moulding, which takes hours, ensures optimum compaction with a minimum amount of carbon. For this process, a full EPS mould and latex inserts are used to eliminate any roughness or imperfections.

OMR frames, these models are suitable for riders looking for a little more comfort, with round shapes that improve riding comfort and reduce weight. The 27.2mm round seatpost is significantly more comfortable than the 30.9 or 31.6mm and improves the soft feel of the saddle without sacrificing bottom bracket stiffness.

OMR frames add high modulus, high strength fibres to the standard laminate to improve the balance between stiffness and weight. Inflatable chamber moulding with EPS and polyurethane foam inserts in the head tube and bottom bracket areas eliminates roughness at critical points, allowing less carbon to be used without reducing strength.

The Freeflow fork spreads its arms further away from the wheel to reduce pressure and turbulence. Airflow between the fork and wheel is smoother and drag is reduced.

Orbea Racing Geometry and Ergonomics, 100 years of experience to achieve a customised Orca

Orbea's tradition has made it possible to transfer the experience of almost 100 years of designing racing bikes into a racing geometry that strikes the perfect balance between responsiveness and stability. On the new Orca, the rider adopts an aerodynamic and efficient position that allows for intuitive and precise riding. Angles and dimensions have been carefully selected from a range of sizes to increase power on the road with every pedal stroke. 

The Orbea Orca 2022 is designed to fit people of all sizes. It's important to get expert advice on the proper position on the bike, but with MyO's selection of components, riders of both sexes can easily find the perfect custom fit.

Orbea's racing geometry is complemented by endurance ergonomics, resulting in a bike that is easier to handle and more efficient to ride.

The shorter wheelbase and wider handlebars make the bike more comfortable, and this increased comfort allows the rider to ride longer distances in less time. The 15 mm increase in handlebar height and the 5 mm shortening of the reach replicate the geometry of a long-distance bike, while maintaining the excellent performance that has made Orca a benchmark.

A 32C OMX / 35C OMR wheel: Today's cyclists are aware of the increased comfort, durability and speed offered by wider tyres.

Integration, the new cycling religion

The new standard for cyclists and manufacturers is the cleanest possible aesthetics where only the lines of the frame stand out. But thanks to the ICR Plus system, Orbea has not only achieved incredible aesthetics for the new Orca. Cables are inserted under the stem through the headset, eliminating vibrations and optimising mechanical and electronic shifting. The integrated OC2 stem gives the Orca a clean, cutting-edge look.

Another great integration detail is the hidden saddle clamp which is completely integrated into the frame.

Orbea Orca 2022: models and prices

The new Orbea Orca 2022 range arrives with new mounts and colours, and for the first time we see Orca models with the new Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra groupsets, and with the new SRAM Rival eTap AXS. The latter is set to be a best-selling model in both OMX and OMR versions.

Orbea Orca OMX 2022

In the OMX version, all models are available in the following combinations: Glitter Anthracite - Blue Carbon (glossy), Red Wine (glossy)-Carbon Raw (matt) and White Chic - Black (glossy), as well as being able to uniquely customise the aesthetics of any model with the MyO programme. 

Orbea Orca OMX M10iLTD PWR
  • ORCA M10iLTD PWR - Shimano Dura-Ace - 9.999€
  • ORCA M11eLTD PWR - SRAM Red eTap AXS - 9.599€
  • ORCA M21eLTD PWR - SRAM Force eTap AXS - 6.799€
  • ORCA M20iLTD - Shimano Ultegra Di2 - 6.299€
  • ORCA M31eLTD PWR - SRAM Rival eTap AXS - 5.299€

Orbea Orca OMR 2022

The version with the OMR carbon frame comes in 3 different colour combinations for the models M21eTEAM PWR, ORCA M20iTEAM, M31eTEAM, M20TEAM PWR and ORCA M20TEAM which are: Carbon Raw - Titan (gloss), Military Green (gloss)-Metallic Dark Green (matt) and Coral (gloss) - Black (matt). The MyO customisation system is also available for these models.

The ORCA M20, M30 and M40 models are available in the following combinations: Carbon Raw - Titan (gloss), Amber Orange (gloss)-Black (matt) and Metallic White - Iridescent (gloss).



  • ORCA OMR M21eTEAM PWR - SRAM Force eTap AXS - 4.999€
  • ORCA M20iTEAM - Shimano Ultegra Di2 - 4.599€
  • ORCA M31eTEAM - SRAM Rival eTap AXS - 3.799€
  • ORCA M20TEAM PWR - Shimano Ultegra with 4iii power meter- 3.499€
  • ORCA M20TEAM - Shimano Ultegra - 3.299€
  • ORCA M20 - Shimano Ultegra - 2.899€
  • ORCA M30 - Shimano 105 - 2.299€
  • ORCA M40 - Shimano Tiagra - 2.099€

The complete assemblies of each model can be consulted on the official Orbea website.



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