New Öhlins XC range: RXC34 m.1 fork and TXC1Air and TXC2Air shocks

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The Swedish suspension brand Öhlins is known for the quality and performance of its products, but although in its catalog there were forks and shocks for mountain bike gravity modes, the XC range was missing and has just been unveiled. This is the new Öhlins RXC34 m.1 fork, available with carbon or aluminum crown for 100, 110 and 120mm, and the lightweight TXC1Air and TXC2Air shocks with three positions.

New Öhlins XC suspension range

In early 2023 we learned that the BMC Racing mountain bike team had partnered with Öhlins to mount its suspensions throughout the season. Since then we knew it was only a matter of time before the Swedish brand introduced XC-specific suspensions.

In this new range, Öhlins has used its extensive experience and some of its existing technologies to develop with BMC Team high-performance forks and shocks ready to win any World Cup.

Öhlins RXC34 m.1 fork: features, models, weight and prices 

The Öhlins RXC34 m.1 fork is available with carbon or aluminum crown in 110 and 120mm, but there will also be a racing version with 100mm, which is currently only available with carbon crown.

In all versions, the Öhlins RXC34 m.1 will feature the brand's well-known floating axle, which reduces friction and increases the stiffness of the set, and the new OTX14 damper developed for Cross Country together with an updated 2-chamber air spring

According to the brand, this system provides a superior level of traction and wheel steering control. The fork will be available with manual or three-position remote control.

Its lighter version, the Racing with carbon crown and 100mm of travel weighs 1476g and its price is not yet known. The lighter version (carbon) with 110/120mm of travel weighs 1496g and is priced at €1695 /£1485 / $1390.

  • Lightweight OTX14 damper.
  • Highly adjustable with race proven setting bank to match rider style and bike.
  • Hydraulics optimized for XC racing.
  • 3 ride modes developed and tested to save seconds on the race track.
  • Up to 5 positive volume spacers to adjust progressiveness (depending on travel).
  • Up to 7 negative spacers to adjust initial sensitivity.
  • Race version in 100mm with carbon crown at 1476g. 
  • 110/120mm carbon version at 1496g.
  • 110/120mm aluminum version at 1598g (100mm version will be available later).
  • Remote and manual control option.
  • Manual control option adding 12 clicks of LSC.
  • 12 clicks of rebound.
  • Price RXC34 m.1 Air - £1310 / €1495 / $1190
  • Price RXC34 m.1 Carbon Air - £1485 / €1695 / $1390

Öhlins TXC1Air and TXC2Air shocks: features, models, weights and prices

The Öhlins XC shocks range debuts with two models featuring TTX twin tube technology adapted to the lightness and performance of the sport.

While the TXC1Air version is more compact and lighter, the TXC2Air shaves 10 g of weight in favor of greater versatility.

Both have 3 ride modes (open, pedal and lock) and can be operated manually or via an Öhlins or other brand remote control. The TXC1Air version only has a remote option.

The lightest version, the TXC1Air, weighs 245g and is priced at £609 / €695 / $565.

  • Hydraulics optimized for XC racing with serial shim stacks.
  • 3 ride modes developed and tested to save seconds on the race track.
  • Rider friendly volume spacer system to adjust air spring progressiveness.
  • Reducers can easily be installed to adjust stroke.
  • Lighter, slimmer and more progressive TXC1Air.
  • Larger, more versatile TXC2Air.  
  • Remote and manual control options.
  • Manual control option adding 16 clicks of LSC.
  • 12 clicks of rebound.
  • TXC1Air available in 165/190 - 37.5/40 and 185/210 - 47.5/50
  • TXC2Air available in 165/190 - 37.5/40/42.5/45 and 185/210 - 47.5/50/52.5/55
  • Weight TXC1Air - 245g
  • Weight TXC2Air - 255g
  • Prices: TTX1 and TTX2 Air - £609 / €695 / $565

Further information on the new Öhlins XC range can be found on the official Öhlins website.



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Nueva gama Öhlins XC: horquilla RXC34 m.1 y amortiguadores TXC1Air y TXC2Air